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out of love

The only reason which made me interested in the series Out of Love was Rasika Dugal. Her outstanding performance in Mirzapur as Beena Tripathi made her presence felt with her unmatched acting talent. Another stimulating factor is the location i.e. Connor where the entire series is shot. The views are breathtaking and magnificent.  Out of Love is a story of Dr. Meera Kapoor played by Rasika Dugal whose husband Akarsh Kapoor cheats on her with a girl half his age Alia Kashyap (Meenakshi Chaudhary) who gets pregnant with his child. Although the narrative sounds very cliché the real story begins now.

out of love
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Pati Patni and Wo

Out of Love is a remake of Doctor Foster a British Drama directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. The Hotstar series begins when Dr. Meera discovers a strand of long hair in Akarsh’s scarf along with a lipstick that doesn’t belong to her untangling a sequence of shady events. Dr. Meera who believed that she has a perfect marriage gets torn apart. She starts to keep an eye on her husband as the seeds of doubt are firmly embedded in her mind. After spying for a while, she realizes that Akarsh is cheating on her and the most shocking element was, everyone knew about the infidelity except her.

out of love
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Rasika Dugal is an absolute delight

Out of Love is a nail-biting tale of a middle-aged woman who is cuckolded by her husband followed by a series of lies. And when you see Rasika Duggal performing the role of a betrayed wife, it burns the audience deep inside and hits them directly into the heart, making them panting and filled with deep feelings. What makes the series astounding is the incrusted and shady personality of Meera and her ability to turn into a soaring volcano if rubbed on the wrong side.

out of love
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Out of Love is a revenge-seeking domestic tale and has all the elements of a hard-hitting, tensed, and needle-sharp suspense thriller. The submissive well behaved Meera even sleeps with Akarsh’s financial consultant and neighbor Gautam Kashyap to find out about her husband’s unjustified financial information. Later Meera’s and Akarsh’s marriage comes to a junction that takes an obnoxious and capricious turn from here, compelling Akarsh to leave Connor and move to Delhi with Alia.

Other characters

Purab as Akarsh and Meenakshi Chaudhary as Alia has also impressed with their performances. In the second season, the writer has drafted the character of Alia very well. She effortlessly shows all the feelings her character goes through when she was the other woman and later when she is the wife. Purab looks very handsome in his salt-pepper look and his character has a more malevolent side to it than the first series.

out of love
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Striking change

The salient change in the second season of Out of Love is that the importance is given to all the characters and not just Rasika Dugal, unlike the first season. Another striking strategy applied by Hotstar is not releasing all the episodes together. Only 2 episodes were released in the first place and the remaining will be released every Friday to keep the viewers intrigued and hooked onto the show.

The revenge

The plot of Out of Love has moved from a “bechari wife cheated by her husband to the revenge-seeking husband and wife” is something that drives the shows. They both don’t leave any stone unturned to ruin each other’s lives, which is a pleasure for the audience to watch. When an episode releases on Friday, it leaves the audience thinking about what’s going to happen next So, when they start to envisage the finale; the series moves in a completely different direction.

The title of the show ‘Out of Love’ itself deceits you – which simply means “not in love anymore”, but when you watch the series the meaning changes “to what extent people can go to damage the people they ever loved”.

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