Mood Swing – 9 Important Ways to Deal With It

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Mood Swing, the most common term we use these days for our bad behavior. But the truth remains mood swing implies sulking on the other person without their fault because of your own screwed up mind. If you are going through a bad day or an extreme mood swings, it is very tough for people around you. The day seems like a volatile roller coaster ride and you have been driving everyone crazy. Mood swings have the eerie ability to make you over sensitive and completely out of control. Every emotion, touch, word can make you irritated.


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Many things can cause mood swing such as fatigue, insomnia, trauma, menstruation, stress, any health issue etc., If you are suffering from bipolar disorder or mental illness, get in touch with a mental health expert. A mood swing can make your relationship worse with your life partner, family and friends. It is very normal to feel sad, angry and jealous sometimes or over excited, but taking out your frustration on others is not justified.  So, what to do with your mood swing? Here are few things you can do to deal with your bad mood:

1.Talk to yourself:

This is one of the most important factors in dealing with your mood swing. The first thing you need to tell yourself is “you are responsible for your bad mood, so you have no right to take it out on your closed ones”. Tell your people clearly, I am a bit upset and will get back shortly. This will at least not spoil your relationship with people you love. Introspect every problem and see what best can be done. Tell yourself, this phase is temporary and you will find a solution to this.

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2. Eat well:

A hungry stomach will make your mood worse. The brain needs food to control your emotions. So, if you are in a bad mood and starving as well, this will make you more irritable and angry.

3. Exercise:

A regular workout will help in lowering your blood pressure and help in handling stress. Exercise releases endorphin, a feel good hormone which uplifts your mood. It clears your mind to handle changes in the brain.

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4. Go for a massage:

Even a good massage is also very effective in relaxing your mind. So, if you are stressed and depressed, book a massage session.

5. Talk about the issue:

If any issue is troubling you, talk to your friend or family. I am not saying they will help you with the solution, but keeping the issues inside can result in depression. This will free your mind and with the support of your loved one’s  you can fight the situation.

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6. Writing:

When you pen down every issue on a piece of paper you can easily tackle the problems in your head. Writing has a positive impact on how you work on the issues one by one.

 7. Sleep:

Sleep and mood swing goes hand in hand. Sleeping deprivation or insomnia can impact your mood extremely and can result in depression.

8. Take a moment to relax:

Whenever you are feeling down or going through an extreme bad phase, take a break for a while. Stop doing whatever you are doing and take a moment to relax. Go for a walk or listen to a peppy song or do something which you love to do. Temporary distraction can ease out your mind and will make you think rationally.

9. Follow a routine:

A routine will bring your life on track – when you wake up and sleep on time, this will make you fresh and reduces your stress level. A proper routine has a positive effect on your life.

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