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When I started watching Money Heist, I was in awe of Professor, the character is a brilliant way to lead the show.  His intelligence and prodigious way of making alterations in the precarious situation has won zillions of fans. Another character whom audience liked the most was Berlin, his capability to overcome his emotions and stay calm in the harshest of the occurrence made him popular. We loved them both as an audience, but if I actually put my brain towards which one of the character was most relatable with human emotions in the entire series, Tokyo’s name strike in my mind.

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Tokyo is an enthralling character in the series.

She is the popular impulsive heist team mate who is known for her reckless and courageous act. She is hotheaded, spontaneous individual among the characters of the successful series. Tokyo is someone you don’t want in a robbery as unpredictable as in the series Money Heist. She can be very imprudent and immature sometimes which has convoluted the heist several times, one such incident is when she exploded in 3rd season when Rio told her to part ways. But to audience surprise, the way she overpowered Gandia and brought the group together, proved that she is not gibberish at all, she too has brains and knows when is the time to take the control.

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Tokyo is self-reliant, confident and quite comfortable in using her good looks and sexual appearance to her benefit.

Though, her feelings for Rio was for real, which displays her caring and affectionate attitude towards people she loves. She either loves you or doesn’t even care, there is no mid-way for her. Tokyo has an outward personality, that apparently develops a connection with everyone in the team, even the professor liked her. She is someone who would do anything for her friends and had a big heart.

Many people consider her as an unbearable and exasperated character in the show “La Casa De Papel”. Because of her impulsive nature, a lot many times the team had to bear the brunt and ended in distress. Her overconfidence, grinding down the trust, dusting the plan had put the professor and the members of the heist in profound disaster, that is the reason Berlin tied her on a stretcher, rolled her out of the bank. Later even Rio realized that, he won’t be able to spend his life with an unwary person like Tokyo.

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She is also a narrator and protagonist of the story; certain quotes came out of her mouth have become extremely popular such as:

“In the end, love is a good reason to fall apart”

“After all, what’s more important than the fight for survival”

“When you hit rock-bottom, you still have a way to go until the abyss”

“I can behave like a proper girl for a long time, but little by little, the naughty girl inside of me starts to take over”

Tokyo is also the most hated character in the series Money Heist.

She wants to live life on her own terms and carried a susceptibility that doesn’t know how to express herself. She is a free bird who lacked patience and would react often without even thinking.

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No wonder, Money heist or La Casa De Papel is most watched series on Netflix. The coronavirus outbreak turned out to be favorable for the fate of the show Money heist. Audience is hooked on the series because of the interesting plot and extemporaneous moves in the famous series.  Tokyo is a character I never liked in the beginning but when I think of it now, she is the only one whom I found close to the reality. Imperfect in all possible manner, passionate to the core, can do anything for love and lives her life on her own terms.

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Tokyo has an outward personality, that apparently develops a connection with everyone in the team, even the professor liked her

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