Mental Peace – 6 Reasons Money Can’t give you Peace of mind?

mental peace

Neither money can give you mental peace nor poverty can. People who run after wealth don’t have time for their health or family or friends and those who have no money to buy food can’t even think about mental peace. For many people, money is the most essential thing in life and to some extent it can buy happiness in the form of expensive vacations, wearing designer clothes, expensive cars, big houses, etc. All these can give you happiness, but for a limited period. Since our brain is the same which is full of stress, ambiguity, unhappiness, and loneliness.

It is a myth that rich people are happier. You must have come across so many quotes, such as you can make a million excuses or you can make a million-dollar or it is comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than a bicycle, etc. But at the end of the day if you are crying or feeling miserable it doesn’t even matter what you are driving or what is your financial status. Everything becomes immaterial.

mental peace
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I am not saying that money is not important, but i feel luxury has no end, and depending only on money can decline your physical health and mental peace. Absolute financial stability is very important to pay your monthly bills, fees, buying a house, travel occasionally, entertainment, medical expenses, etc. And if there is a paucity of money, it causes stress and depression. When it gets difficult to meet your ends, then mental peace or happiness is the last thing we think about.

Running behind your goals, materialistic things, desires and wealth will give you a feeling of dissatisfaction. It will give you a feeling you are lacking somewhere in life. This constant dissatisfaction and hunger to achieve more and more will give you stress. This will also impact your physical health and relationships eventually. Why do people get suicidal thoughts often? Have you ever wondered why divorce has become so common? Why people prefer nuclear families or joint families? Why there is a constant conflict in the mind?

Courtesy pic: www.quora.comPandemic is the biggest example, that even money can’t buy us life. But, it’s our spouse, parents, siblings, etc. with whom we had constant tiffs or ongoing fights are the ones who take care of us if we are unwell. This situation made us realize, that nothing is more important than our family and loved ones. So, why we kept on thinking about materialistic goals or becoming successful in life, which doesn’t even matter, if we are sick or on a deathbed. What matters is our peace of mind whether we have less money or more. If we are clear about the fact, that to live a comfortable life, our mental peace is of utmost importance.

Here are reasons why mental peace is important than money:

1.Money can’t buy Health:

Money can fund your hospital bills, but can’t eradicate stress, worry, depression, etc. from your life. These are the reasons why many people are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, heart issues, spondylitis, obesity, etc. at a very young age. Therefore, it is equally important to work out, eat healthy to live a healthy life.

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2. Luxury has no end:

The first goal usually is buying a 2 or a 3 BHK house, then shifting to a posh area. Later we start to dream about a penthouse and after that we eye on a bungalow and this never ends. Living a luxurious life means labelling your life with things, that are far above necessities. It means you can buy anything you want. A certain amount of money is essential, but if your appetite increases for more and more, there won’t be any satisfaction. Your hunger will keep you on your toes all the time, depriving you of your health, time for your close ones, or doing things that can enhance your mental wellness.

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3. Money can’t resolve issues in your head:

The nagging with your partners or parents has nothing to do with the money in your bank. If your relationships are not serene, you will never get mental peace. It is very important to work on attaining peace at home and living a life without conflict and stress. Nothing is more important than building an understanding to have a stress-free life at home and workplace.

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4. You can’t take it with you:

No one takes their money along with them when they die. So, imagine you worked your ass off to create wealth, which you won’t be able to enjoy. That was the time when you ignored your people, not deliberately but maybe because of work compulsion or didn’t focus on resolving your issues with people you love or kept worrying about life, today that wealth means nothing to you. Yes, you will pass wealth to your family members, but not beautiful memories.

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5. Wealth can vanish:

Many rich people have got bankrupt at some point in life, Amitabh Bachchan is a big example. But what stays with you is your mental peace. Therefore, it is important to work on your peace of mind, which will help you in coming out of the mess in your life.

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6. Rat race shouldn’t be your game:

Keeping your bar always raised or thinking if you will get that promotion you will be happy or buying a luxury car will make you successful. Success has nothing to do with mental wellness. It’s a vicious circle and cannot eliminate stress from your life.  Rather it puts more pressure on your head, which can result in conflicts at home.  You never know which is your last day, so try and make your life full of living and stress-free.

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