Mcleodganj – 3 Most Amazing Places You Must Visit


When it comes to Himachal Pradesh tourism, Mcleodganj is the most popular destination for hikers. With so many interesting tourist attractions in the area, the place is well-known around the world as the home of the Dalai Lama, the world’s most famous Tibetan spiritual leader. Its heritage is a wonderful blend of Tibetan and British influences. This Himachal Pradesh hill town is known for its culture as well as its stunning mountain views.

Mcleodganj has several tourist attractions such as monasteries, waterfalls, temples, and a sunset point, making it one of the greatest tourist destinations in the country. The road distance between Dharamshala and Mcleodganj is 5 kilometers. Taxis are the shortest way to get from Dharamshala Airport (DHM) to McLeod Ganj, and they cost between 250 and 750 rupees and take 20 minutes.

How do you get from Delhi to Dharamshala?

Traveling by bus from New Delhi to Dharamshala

Travel to Dharamshala via bus overnight from New Delhi. The distance between Delhi and Dharamshala is around 470 kilometers, and the journey takes approximately 13–14 hours. The bus fare ranges from Rs. 900 to Rs. 1100.

The train from Delhi to Dharamshala

Mcleodganj is 90 kilometers away from Pathankot railway station. After getting off the train in Pathankot, take a taxi or a bus from Pathankot to Dharamshala.

By road from Delhi to Dharamshala

The scenery is stunning, and the roads are also in good condition. Carry on.

Air travel from Delhi to Dharamshala

The nearest airport to Mcleodganj is Gaggal Airport, Dharamshala. Direct flights to Dharamshala airport are available. The two airlines that fly straight to Dharamshala are Alliance Air and SpiceJet.

If you think life is better in walking shoes and you like the idea of camping out, campfires, and stars, then visit these amazing hikes to get away from the city and into the woods!


Kharota Valley

Kharota village is situated in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh, India, in the Dharmsala Tehsil. It is 10 kilometers from Dharmsala. From Dharamshala, take a taxi or a car to the Kharota. The Kharota valley is covered by a dense forest, with most of the trees comprising tall deodar trees. This charming Himalayan village has had the delight and privilege of hosting its holiness. Tourists come here not only to see the holiness, but also to enjoy the fresh mountain air and rich, beautiful landscape.

If you’re in Dharamsala and want to spend a peaceful day, this is a must-see. The Kangra Valley is also well-known for its beautiful scenery.

The finest camping spots are in the Kharota valley. The best way to explore nature is to camp on the tops of hills. The grandeur of this place is enhanced by low clouds, mist, and regular rain.


Triund trek is one of the shortest and simplest Himalayan hikes, offering breath-taking scenery and a magnificent vista of the snow-capped Dhauladhar peaks and Kangra valley. The Triund Trek, also known as the core or heart of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, is one of the most famous and scenic treks in the Himalayas, located at an elevation of 7700 feet. The town of Mcleodganj offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture.

It is the best spot for people looking for a hassle-free Himalayan hiking adventure. Triund can be reached through a short but hard climb. Cool walks through the deodar and oak trees help to balance out the tough hike. The best experience one can ever have will be night camping at the summit of Triund under the stars.


Dharamkot is a lovely hill station on the crest of a hill about 14 kilometers from Dharamshala’s main town. It’s a small hippie village near Mcleodganj in the Himalayas.

Dharamshala is a well-known Buddhist attraction in the Himachal Pradesh. Because they are famous summer travel destinations, both the places have become very crowded. The adjacent Dharamkot, on the other hand, has managed to retain its charming appeal. Dharamkot is an excellent starting point for a variety of Himalayan treks, including Triund, Illaqua, and Indrahar Pass.

Dharamkot entices visitors to relax in its many cafes, which provide wonderful food, and to enjoy its natural wonders. The area is bustling with spiritual seekers and tranquil visitors who are either conducting some soul-searching or simply taking in the scenery.


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