MBA – 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do It?

MBA – Master of Business Administration is by far the most prevalent postgraduate program for professionals who wants to fit into the top management positions. But, it is not always the wisest choice for those looking for a degree. It is also essential to consider the drawbacks of pursuing an MBA. So, if you are considering to get an MBA degree, it’s better to think again:

1.The ROI is awful:

The education cost has touched the sky, be it MBA or any other postgraduate program. There is so much ambiguity, whether it is a practical decision to overload yourself with huge expenses and loans with the purpose of getting the probability of a bigger pay package in the future. The ROI i.e. Rate of investment is very unclear. You need to evaluate whether you will be able to enjoy this burden or will remain stressed for several years to pay off the education loan.

2. Are you doing it because you are not sure what else to do:

If you are clueless about where you want to head in life, MBA is not an answer. Not everyone is lucky to get a top position in the Fortune 500 companies (you still have to pay those EMI’s). The MBA is not as simple as you think it is. It requires a lot of time, effort and of course huge cost. It is best suited for professionals who have clear goals in mind and are keen to work in business-related area or in management.  Once you enter into a business school, you will have to take up jobs, which can pay back your loan amount.

As of now you still have various options, so it is better to assess, whether you really want to do MBA or not. But, if you are standing at an intersection in your career, don’t do MBA, if you are not sure what else to pursue.


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3. You really think it will make you more successful:

If the data to be believed, an MBA degree doesn’t guarantee a promising future. It doesn’t make you the best hire, even the recruiting department knows that. In today’s scenario, companies prefer people who think out of the box. It is not your ticket to success.

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4. Your aim is to become an entrepreneur:

An MBA degree won’t make you learn how to run a business. The program is a theoretical training and focused more towards finance and banking. To become an entrepreneur or run a business, what you need is an idea, practical experience and skills to deal with people. Many successful businessmen didn’t rely on a business school to start a business.

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5. There is no real experience:

When you get into professional courses such as law or medicines, you are supposed to get into an internship, before you start anything of your own, which is not a scenario with Business schools. Students spend more time in the classroom discussing theories and concept, but there is no practical experience. Therefore, managing people in the future can be a task, since there is no real life exposure.

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6. Don’t blindly follow the wind:

I know a lot of people who are pursuing an MBA, because of its popularity and feels this will land them in a good company. You need to introspect whether the program is for you or not. Today most of the professional are blindly following the wind, so they enroll themselves in a Business school and later either leave the program in between or keep sulking.

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Key Points:

1.MBA is not the wisest choice for those looking for a degree

2. The ROI is awful

3.  An MBA degree won’t make you learn how to run a business

4. An MBA degree won’t make you learn how to run a business


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