Marriage – 6 Essential Reasons Why you should get MARRIED?


Before I talk on this topic I want to make it very clear that I am neither against staying alone or getting married. I feel marriage is an individual preference how they want to lead their life. But I am going to share my perspective which is not related to what society has to say but from the foresight of the benefits of getting married.


Marriage is a superior bond and companionship is one of the most important factors for a person to get married. It establishes a sense of belonging. When we are young we have friends to fall back on, but with age, everyone gets busy in their world. People who had time for us then, now are so involved in their personal life that they are unable to manage time. It is very important for emotional, physical, and mental well-being. It opens a door for a new purpose in life.

Loneliness can lead to depression, marriage prevents us from being alone or staying in isolation. As age catches up so as doctors visit, at least there is one person who is always standing by your side taking care of you when you are not well or need help.


2. Relationship means a lot of understanding:

Whether you agree or not understanding each other is very essential in marriage or any relationship. If  you try to understand your partner and treat them like an individual and not your property, it strengthens the bond . Marriage requires a lot of effort daily. Without this, there won’t be any mutual understanding or respect for each other. Understanding is required in every step.  It even helps you to grow as a person individually which can even improve your social skills and also your professional life.

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3. Unconditional support:

Marriage can give you that unconditional support you were looking for. It is about caring, sharing, and standing like a rock for each other. Communication is key to a happy relationship. Share your feelings openly and never look down upon them if they are lacking somewhere. Support and guide them whenever you feel, you have a better solution to a problem

4. Becoming a parent:

Parenthood is one of the most amazing feelings and also not easy to handle. But end of the day there is someone who is completely dependent on you; it gives you immense happiness and pleasure. When you come home tired, the hug from your child makes you forget everything. They give you a purpose in life, a new life, a new ray of hope. It’s a decision you make either to enrich your family or family pressure but this one decision can make someone’s life.

5. Marriage brings stability:

A healthy and long-lasting relationship is referred to as stability in a marriage. We all have our share of insecurities since our childhood and till whatever age we are today. Marriage makes you more responsible because it’s not about you alone now; it’s about your spouse, their family, your family, you have to keep everything in consideration before making any decision. You need to have more acceptance towards your partner, their opinions. Stability comes hand in hand with commitment, you feel more secure now.



6. Financial benefit:

A working spouse can share your financial liabilities and also you’re saving for future increases. With an additional income, one can plan a lot of investments together. Problems don’t knock before coming like loss of a job or sudden financial loss, a working partner can always support financially.

If you are still planning to stay single, read again…….

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