Love Yourself

Loving yourself is very important; it implies accepting yourself with your positives and negatives. Unless you love yourself truly, you can’t love anyone else with 100% of your heart. Your relationship with yourself will give you a feeling of self satisfaction and open your eyes towards wonderful aspects of your life. It is very important to have an unconditional self acceptance.

On this journey of discovering yourself, you will find out why you always behave in a certain manner. We all have blue prints in our mind about our past, the way we were raised or traumas we have faced throughout our life, the bad things happened to us. Deep down those blue prints don’t let us live freely. To come out of those past experiences and to start a life again will produce the result we are seeking for. But first we need to know:

Why it’s important for you to love yourself.

1. Builds confidence:

Confidence can take you anywhere you want but in the process of reaching your goals, we somehow forget ourselves and get into the trap of finding your own mistakes more than focusing on your positives. World will find your mistakes and judge you. But if you continue to do so, you will start losing on your confidence and belief that you are born to make it happen. You will get angry or will lose your temper now or then but no one is perfect. Deep down you should know that you are the best. You came so long ahead because of the qualities you had in you.


2. Accept yourself:

I know we all have made those mistakes, we still regret about and somehow those disheartening feeling never go away. One incident takes us to our past or idiotic things we have done in our life. But once you start accepting those mistakes and move on, it’s going to take you to a greater satisfaction. Self acceptance is the best thing you can do to yourself. We are more inclined towards how others accept us. But that’s totally a negative thought process. You should know your best and the worst side and continue to work upon things you want to change in your life.

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3. Be compassionate towards your own self:

Forgive yourself first for the mistakes you have done. Stop pondering about how your life is ruined because of what has happened. Forgiving yourself is the toughest task than forgiving others. We are humans; we need our daily dose of compassion and love otherwise you will feel there is something missing from your life. It will also make you vulnerable towards stress and challenges.

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4. Better relationships:

A person who loves him or her knows that he deserves the best. When you hate yourself, high chances you will be ill treated by others and there will always be a lack of love in your relationships be it your spouse, friends, parents, kids. A happy heart attracts happiness so as the loving heart.

love yourself

5. Identify your qualities:

Each one of us is unique. As much hard you try, people won’t appreciate for things you do for them but you make one mistake they will keep reminding you. It’s important for you to recognize your true self and the qualities you have, which make you unique from the rest of the world. When you start liking yourself for who you are, you can unfold many aspects of your life which can help you to flourish.

6. Makes you independent:

When we see lot of flaws in ourselves, we stop trusting our decisions and look forward to other people’s affirmation in every task we do. Our dependency increases on other’s in all aspects of life. We start believing that we don’t have the capacity to do anything alone or take a decision individually. You start seeing yourself as a failure.

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When you love yourself you’re focus shifts to your personal development, which is a requisite for you to grow in your career and other aspects of life.

Stay blessed

Stay happy

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