Love – 5 Reasons Why you often fall in love with the Wrong Guy

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Do you often fall in love with the wrong guy have you wondered why? Do you feel like you’re destined to keep making similar relationship mistakes? Why do we choose the same kind of person when it comes to love and relationship? While looking for true lasting love, we often fall constantly for the wrong person and hurt ourselves. Eventually, the women start blaming themselves for the failed relationship and feel there is something wrong with them. They feel they can’t be loved and starts blaming themselves for the failed relationship.

Do you often fall in love with the wrong guy?

But have you ever tried to identify this pattern or figure out why it actually happens? Remember one thing, failed relationship doesn’t imply you are not worthy or hopeless. See, everything happens for a reason, and it’s high time we need to recognize and work on them. Here are some factors that are responsible for letting you fall for the wrong person.

1.We are lonely deep inside

Sometimes we are so lonely that we feel nervous or scared to be left alone forever. So, we stop caring about things such as compatibility, background and other important aspect. We are so vulnerable that we want a shoulder to cry on. This fear of being lonely comes from some childhood issues or family pressure or lack of friends or some tragedy in the past. The reason can be many, but when you get petrified of being alone, you don’t have a strong sense of self-worth. This can make you fall for the wrong people because there is a fear of loneliness imbibed in you, which makes you choose romantic partners from a place of anxiety than a place of self-strength.

Sometimes, even if you have a good social circle or people around you, but deep down you are cut-off from your source of life and enjoyment. This can be a prime reason why do you often fall in love with the wrong guy?

Do you often fall in love with the wrong guy?

2. You feel you are not good enough to find a good life partner

We live in a preconceived notion, that we won’t be able to find the kind of person who make us happy. Sometimes we don’t know what we want in a relationship or we were being made to believe, that the kind of people you want don’t exist. So, on many occasions you settle for people you don’t like much or have a casual attraction. Because you don’t have faith that you are worthy enough to find a person you truly deserve. So you settle for people without introspecting, whether they can give you emotional, physical and financial stability.

3. You believe you can change the person

Let’s say you meet someone and you feel you can love his baggage’s or issues. Then there is a need to reassess your relationship with your boyfriend. If you are already thinking that you will change him in the due course of time. Then no matter how hard you try, you will fail. The change comes from within, during the relationship you may have to sacrifice your own core value in trying to change him. This will only lead to the breakup and make you despair. So, if it’s your habit to fix every man you are in a relationship with, then it’s high time you change your approach towards relationships.

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4. You fall for familiar things or people

Most likely, we tend to fall for people or things, that we are conversant with. If you have had a struggle during your childhood, there are high chances you are attracted to guys who had a bad childhood. If you have been betrayed by a close one, the guy who has gone through a similar phase, you will get attracted to him. So, you often end up liking same kind of a man.

Do you often fall in love with the wrong guy?
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5. You fall for a person to overcome your breakup

Sometimes, we get attracted to a man or start dating a person who shows a bit of an interest in you, immediately after a breakup. In the wake of an aching heartbreak, dating a new man seems appealing. But, if you take this new relationship at a fast pace or  do not evaluate your new love interest. This could lead to a further painful break up.

Do you often fall in love with the wrong guy?

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