LockDown has taught us Empathy towards people at home



Empathy is the capability to understand and relate with the other’s emotions, requirements, and opinion. It is the instinctive understanding of another person’s judgment from their point of view. Empathy is one of the core aptitudes of emotional sphere and significant leadership ability. In other words it is referred to as being aware of others emotions and feelings.

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But do we ever had empathy towards the most important member of the house without whom the house would go haywire, kids may not study, you won’t get food on time, surroundings will be dirty, life would have been contorted..  yaa I am talking about someone indispensable your wife, mother, sister; who sacrificed their career for the family and remained at home so that your life gets comfortable. They performed every errand without even a single word of appreciation because house chores are considered as their job. Women play a versatile role in the family. We all took them for granted all this while. Right??

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But this lockdown changed the perception, when they witness the hard work a women plays in order to manage the house. Let’s see how this lockdown made us empathetic towards our family:

1.We realized workload shouldn’t be on one person even if there is no lockdown. Household chore should be shared by all.

2. Everyone should make their own bed and wrap up your own mess. Do it as you get up and one doesn’t need any supervision for this.

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3. Get up and bring your food or water from the kitchen, rather placing an order as if you are sitting in a restaurant.

4. Earlier we use to use dishes, bowels, glasses at our luxury since we don’t have to clean them but now since we have to wash the utensils our own we sparingly use them.  Change this habit post lockdown too.

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5. Continue to take the responsibility of outdoor chores as well like you are taking now for buying vegetables or fruits or milk.

6. Cooking is another thing many people have learnt, so next time you wife or mother is unwell. Cook for them rather ordering from outside.

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7. Watering the plants is your responsibility too so stick to this routine. Be a helping hand in the family.

8. Let’s not forget ironing clothes.. It is not your mother who has to wear a tidy uniform.. It is you who will get punishment in the school.

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9. During weekends you can share the responsibility of dusting or mopping or cleaning the house post lockdown as well.

Everyone in the house is responsible for house chores lockdown or no lockdown. Your mother, wife needs a break too, it is not their responsibility to feed you and take care of every single need of yours. A woman does far more “voluntary work” than you can imagine, she alone carries the physical, mental burden. It is an obvious gender prejudice but exceptions will always there; I know a lot of people who equally participate in house hold chores.

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This lockdown has changed our mindset, in the absence of house help the responsibility of running the house has come on every member of the family and this has made us empathetic towards our mother, sisters and wife. This phase is a golden chance to inculcate basic necessary habits in life. This will also engage your children, make them self sufficient and responsible towards basic needs of the family.

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