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If news to be believed, the lockdown will get over on 3rd May 2020, although there are murmurs about further extension. Let’s presume that the lockdown will get over and we all have to proceed back to our office. For some of you it’s a sign of relief and pleasure but it doesn’t mean that we can be casual like before and get back to normalcy. We need to be careful and take additional precautions than before. There will be few guidelines suggested by the government, but you need to take precautions at your work place post lock down.

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1.Evade mass get-togethers:

This is something which would be difficult for people to resist as amidst this lock down they were confined their homes for more than a month unable to meet their friends, relatives or indulge in any other social gathering. Everyone was maintaining social distance to prevent themselves from the infection. But once the lock down will get over most of you would like to party, attend functions, go to a mall and temples etc.

There will of course be further directions by the government on how many people should be permitted to gather in a zone to avoid getting the infection. As a responsible citizen you should also try not to form a group of more than 4 people till the pandemic decelerates further down in the country. If your office still allows it’s better to work from home for some more time and also conduct meetings via video calls.

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2. Distancing at work:

During the lock down we were maintaining 2 meter of distance so the rule shouldn’t change once it gets over. You need to make sure that there is a gap of six feet between the seats. We spend maximum time at work therefore maintaining an appropriate distance is very essential. Even if you hate it, it is okay you can continue doing that but, there are no exemptions to this rule. Everyone has to follow social and physical distance.

Don’t gather at one place during lunch time or near the stair case. Be careful while touching the railings or doorknobs or lift, don’t crowd the life. Wash your hands with soap often and as and when your touch any surface or an object.

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3. Be extra cautious on hygiene practices:

Once the lock down gets over, we will be more susceptible to getting the infection since we will be out of home for long hours. And this is the time when one needs to pay extra caution to the hygiene practice since we remained at home all this while, we may have compromised a bit on this part. But once you go back to work your personal hygiene has to be your utmost priority.

Avoid shaking hands with people and also no need to hug (even if you are desperate to hold your bf/gf – this is a joke that’s your personal choice but there is a saying नज़र हटी दुर्घटना घटी). Clean your laptop, desk, keyboard, table with a sanitizer or an alcohol rub before your start with your work. Carry your own food, cup, water bottle, cutlery at work and wash it your own. One needs to be alert all the time and be careful about what you touch.

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4. Digital way is the new way:

Although people use emails now over sending hard copies but still one needs to go completely digital. Even if there are some financial transactions use net banking rather using a cheque or a demand draft. If your clients are not digital savvy, propose them the same. This will save paper and also you will be at less risk of coming in contact with other colleagues and the paper also which could have been contaminated by any infectious person. Use a digital signature for signing a document online and can be used in a circumstance that may entail it.

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5. Carry a protection and a hygiene kit:

The time has come when you have finally joined the place which you were missing the most i.e. your work place. The way you are particular about carrying your perfume or cosmetic, the same way you need to organize a hygiene kit for yourself which will include facemask, hand sanitizer, gloves, tissues, toilet roll.

It is mandatory to wear the mask all the time as it will protect you from getting an infection and will also keep you away from touching your face. The hygiene kit is not for show off, it has to be used all the time like wearing gloves when you have to share items at work place, use hand sanitizer often, use a toilet seat sanitizer every time you pee. If you are sneezing or coughing use a tissue paper and throw it in a closed dustbin.

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6. Shuttling to work:

When you are traveling in a public transport it is compulsory for you to wear a face mask and gloves. Try to change your shits to non-peak working hours so that there is less crowd in the metro or a bus. For making payments use a digital wallet instead of cask. As you reach office or home wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds.

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