Leadership -7 Qualities we can learn from Eagles


Eagles are a sign of power and leadership. They signify bravery, inspiration, longevity, concentration and clarity. There are seven leadership principles we can learn from an eagle:

1. Eagles fly with eagles and at High Altitudes :

Eagles prefer not mixing with other birds and enjoy flying alone in the high altitude.

Lesson: This implies that the Eagle stay away from closed minded people, who keep complaining and bring you down. They focus on flying and making less noise. They are true leaders. Their patience and power is unbeatable. They wait patiently for an appropriate time to strike; this indicates they are focused on their work. Eagles always flock together. They never surrender to their prey no matter how strong or big in size the prey is. They keep fighting to regain their enclave.

2. Eagles have Strong Vision:

Eagles are very attentive and focused on their goals. They have a powerful vision.

Lesson: It implies that an eagle is very disciplined and focused, when they set their target they don’t deviate. They have a very sharp mental focus. We need to have a clear vision like an eagle. We should figure out what we have to do in our life and stay committed until we achieve our goals. An eagle can see enemies from far, their eyes are designed for long distance focus and clarity. They are also very vigilant and alert and put all their attention on their target. People get distracted within a fraction of second; we need to learn this quality from an Eagle.


3. Eagle does not eat dead things:

They only eat fresh prey.

Lesson: This means that one should not live with their past and carry it on its shoulder. Move on in life, look for new opportunities and don’t dwell over your past failures and glories.

4. Eagles love the storm:

They are a sign of bravery and don’t fear anything even a storm.

Lesson: This indicates that the eagle uses the pressure of the storm to go higher and higher without using their own energy. Therefore like an eagle we should take every challenge as an opportunity. We should be very determined and shouldn’t fear anything in our life. Successful people are fearless; they take risk and every storm into a favorable event. Even if the problem is beyond control be brave to handle it with dignity and determination. Be excited about the life.

5. Eagle tests before it trusts:

Before mating with the male eagle, a female eagle first tests the commitment level. If she is satisfied then only she allows him to mate, once they mate, they stay true and loyal to each other.

Lesson: This means that before entering into any business proposal or personal commitment don’t just blindly jump into it, first check the authenticity and the commitment level. It’s also implies to be faithful in life.

6. Eagles nurture their young ones:

Eagles are aggressive by nature. They are extremely fierce. But the most surprising thing is the way they nurture their young ones. Mother eagle is also very attentive towards her young ones.

When the mother eagle sees that the time has come for her young ones to fly, the mother eagle throws an eaglet out of the nest, since they are scared they jump into the nest again. She pushes them out again and simultaneously removes the soft layer of the nest. When the scared eaglet jumps back to the nest again, the leftover thorns start pricking them.

The sharp thorns make them bleed and they jump out again off the cliff into the air. As it falls, it slowly learns what its wings are for until the father eagle catches them up. This process is constantly repeated, unless they learn to fly using their wings.

Lesson: This implies a true leader pushes its people to a point where they have no choice other than to perform. They teach and guide in the same manner as mother eagle does. They may sound harsh but their intentions are not bad, they want our best. Nothing grows in comfort zone.

7. Rebirth of an eagle involves death of the old self:

The eagle has to make a painful decision at around age 40, when they grow old and their feathers become fragile and they can’t fly fast anymore. They are left with two options either die or go through a painful process of rebirth which will extend their life for 30 more years. They go to a place far away and retire to regain its vitality and strength.


The process they have to go through involves knocking its beak and plucking out its talon so that the new one can grow. They pluck out every feather on their body and stay like this in pain for almost 5 months until the new feathers grow.
Lesson: This process also indicates that nothing comes easy, no pain no gain. We need to curtail old habits which have become a burden on our life and we must be willing to change to survive for our betterment. Old bad habits, toxic relationships are only ruining our future.

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