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Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is dating Lalit Modi, a wanted Indian millionaire and former IPL commissioner. Modi, who has been exiled in London ever since the BCCI threw him out, tweeted the shocking news on Thursday night.

Lalit Modi, the former chairman of the IPL, only needed one tweet to go viral. Prior to Modi’s public declaration of their relationship in a tweet, even the actor Sushmita Sen’s brother was unaware of the link.

“Just got back from a busy overseas journey that took me to the Maldives, Sardinia, and my better half, @sushmitasen47. Finally, a new chapter in life has begun. Despite using the phrase “better half,” Modi later emphasized in a tweet that they are still simply dating, albeit marriage is inevitable.

When Lalit Modi was in charge as the IPL Czar in 2010, there were rumours of their relationship floating around. Years later, the couple has rekindled their love and announced that they are now dating.

lalit modi
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Lalit Modi: Who is he?

India’s triumph in the first T20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007 inspired Modi, a Delhi native born in 1963, to launch the Indian Premier League, which debuted in 2008.

The 58-year-old had completed engineering and business studies in the United States. Modi had already been the victim of a set-up when he and his buddies attempted to purchase cocaine and were instead defrauded of $10,000 by the vendor. He attempted to implement the American sporting business model into Indian cricket. He had suggested the creation of a new domestic 50-over competition in 1995, calling the venture Indian Cricket League Limited. However, the BCCI did not support the notion very strongly.

Modi was the driving force behind the creation of the Indian Premier League in 2008, a league that combined glamour with the T20 style of cricket and would go on to become the sports giant it is today. When the IPL was forced to go to South Africa in 2009 due to Indian general elections, Modi demonstrated how the product’s worth would be extraordinarily high even outside of India.

Modi was suspended from the BCCI immediately after the IPL 2010 final after being accused of misconduct, indiscipline, and financial irregularities in relation to the two rigged bids for the two new franchises, Pune and Kochi. Following an inquiry, the BCCI placed a lifetime ban on him after determining that he was accountable for these claims.

Since then, he has resided in London, United Kingdom, and has claimed innocence in several interviews about all of the allegations made by the BCCI. In 2015, a Mumbai special court issued an arrest warrant (ED) without a bond for former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi.

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Personal Life of Lalit Modi

Because of his admirable public character, Modi’s private life has remained a mystery. Evidently, no one had even the slightest inkling that he may have seen India’s first Miss Universe.

Sushmita is not Modi’s first girlfriend. Lalit Modi’s first wife, Minal Modi, wed him in 1991. In December 2018, she lost the battle with her disease and died. Sushmita Sen’s ex-boyfriend Rohman Shawl Reacts to News of Her Dating Lalit Modi

On July 14, Lalit Modi announced a “new beginning” and posted pictures of himself and Sushmita Sen on social media. This stunned a great deal of people. Rajeev Sen, Sushmita’s brother, was happy, and Rohman Shawl, her ex-boyfriend, shared Rajeev Sen’s joy for the happy couple.

In December 2021, Rohman and Sushmita Sen decided to divorce. Rohman responded to the news in a statement to He stated, “Let us rejoice for them, please.” Love is lovely. All I can say is that he must be worth it if she selected him! ”

The breakup between Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl

Sushmita Sen initially shared pictures of herself with Rohman Shawl in 2018, which piqued fans’ interest. At family functions and other public gatherings, Sushmita and Rohman made headlines. Later, it was found that the two were dating. On December 23, 2021, the couple announced their separation to their followers on social media. Sushmita commented, we started as friends, we stay friends! Sushmita wrote next to a photo of herself and Rohman, her ex-boyfriend. The love endures even when the relationship is long over.

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