7 Different Kind of Saree – A Must Have in your Wardrobe

Saree is a famous Indian ensemble that is worn by women across the globe. India is a nation of abundant traditions, languages, apparel, and forms of devotion. This is the place where the status of the saree in Indian values plays its part. Sari portrays the Indian culture, yet additionally, exhibit the values and emotions of our country.

In India, any celebration is deficient without this delightful outfit. A 3.5 to 9-yard saree makes a woman look graceful, beautiful, sensuous, and sophisticated. It suits women of age group. There are several different ways to wear a sari. It is known for its versatility and appeal. It has grabbed attention since antiquated times. A timeless ethnic piece has also won everyone’s heart.

Normal saree attire includes a petticoat and a blouse, but the most recent evolution depicts a woman wearing a saree with a top, a t-shirt, leggings, etc. It has revolutionized over time. Sari is available in various colors, designs, and fabrics. The elegance and standard design of saree are usually recognized and designs are claimed to spellbind style esteeming ladies around the world. Women are seen in saris in their day-to-day life, weddings, special occasions, professional atmosphere, shopping and is appropriate for any event.

After various alterations and globalization, it has been valued and is garlanded by many women. Sarees can also be fashioned and wrapped in different styles as they can be worn with several designer blouses and jewelry in many ways. Here are different kinds of sari you can pick from for that next special occasion.


A women’s wardrobe is incomplete without a Banarasi saree. The sari displays Mughal designs and was woven for imperial families. It is picture-perfect for family functions, wedding sari, and other significant life events inferable from the delicacy with which it is made. Complete your look with a Kundan or gold neckpiece, bangles, and rings and you will be showered with dazzling comments. They are also renowned for their zari work and gold embroidery.

2. Bandhani:

Bandhani Saree looks very striking due to splendid colors and designs. The well-known tie and dye print feature magnificent images of Rajasthani and Gujrati values. Team it with oxidized silver jewelry and a potli bag to glitz up the complete look.

3. Kanjeevaram:

Kanjeevaram sarees are considered propitious for special occasions and worn by brides all across the nation especially in South India. The saree convey an inherent grace and superiority. They are usually worn in temples for religious motifs. The borders are royal and the pallu is generally of a different color, which adds more spark to the overall look. You must witness many celebrities firing up the award functions and red carpets with an elegant Kanjeevaram saree.


4. Cotton:

Cotton is the most preferred texture especially in hot weather. They are light, extremely comfortable, and delicate on your skin. Cotton block sarees are extremely mainstream on account of their texture and bright colors, which makes them look exceptionally attractive. You can also finish the look with silver jewelry, a jutti, and a jute bag.


5. Georgette:

Search for saree online and the first saree tossed all over will be Georgette. The material is flowing and enhances your figure. The saree is soft with smooth touch. The fabric is very light and easy to carry. To accentuate the overall look, carry a smart bag with a diamond stud and diamond bracelet, and if it’s winter, team it up with a blazer and here you go, prepared to captivate everybody’s attention.


6. Chiffon:

Chiffon is a very sturdy and lightweight fabric, this is one of the important reasons for its prevalent fame. Besides, they fall amazingly on your body, thus enhancing your curves. For women who prefer to wear sarees every single day, Chiffon is a perfect choice. Wear it with a pearl neckpiece, bangles and also carry a small evening sling bag to complete the look.


7. Chikankari:

Chikankari sari is a must-have in your wardrobe. They are also an ageless piece of design and look very stylish. The heavy embroidery on gentle colors grabs everyone’s eye. You don’t need any occasion to wear chikankari, you can wear it any day. A lot of sophistication and talent went into the stitching. They look astounding with a potli pack, chokers, or jhumki earrings.


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