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Kangana Ranaut has transpired as a strong voice in the unruly B-town and has never minced her words when it comes to speaking her mind. She is undoubtedly the Queen of Bollywood, who makes her own rules. She entered the industry lacking the benefaction of a “god father” and a popular surname, but in no time she conquered the industry with her magnificent performance, curly hair, eccentric accent. Her first movie “Gangster”, made the audience notice the new lass who had an invincible spirit, packed with blazing anguish, and infinite flair.

Kangana Ranaut
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With three national awards under her wings, the actress has managed to create a niche in the industry and won the audience heart as a style icon, impeccable talent and controversies which never leaves her alone. She has made mistakes professionally and personally – but  never shied away from accepting them, she remained unperturbed and continued to be vocal about matters which didn’t go well with Bollywood Big shots. But her acting skills have always outshined her personal concerns, which have been in limelight throughout. She is a fiercely independent woman and the same is reflected in the kind of roles she chooses. In Sushant Rajput’s suicide case also she openly spoke about nepotism and stood for the cause. Many netizens applauded her courage, some are condemning her being so outspoken. But, the Bollywood “Queen” doesn’t even care and keeps entertaining us with her contentious, straight forward interviews and remarkable movies. Here are the list of the best movies of Kangana till date.


This movie made me her fan – there was something enchanting about the way she played the role of Rani. I could connect with her as a person throughout. Queen propelled Kangana to the top league, she would be remembered forever for her role in the movie. The movie is about a young girl; whose fiancé calls off the wedding at the last moment and later how she discovers her real self and realizes how essential it is to love yourself. The movie earned many awards. An amazing movie which inspired many females to travel solo. Kangana’s character Rani struck a chord with the audience and I was one of them. She also won the National Award for the movie Queen.

Kangana Ranaut
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2. Simran

It may have not done wonders at the box office, but I loved this movie personally. The comic drama will make you entertained throughout. Kangana has nailed this movie and made it gleam on the big screen. Her devil-may-care attitude and freestyle performance will make you fall in love with her. The movie is inspired by a real life story based on Chandigarh born Sandeep Kaur, who moved to California. Simran no doubt is one of the best performance of Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut
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3. Judgmental Hai Kya

Kangana’s performance in the movie Judgmental Hai Kya was much appreciated by the fans. With every movie she surprises her fan with her outstanding acting skills. The movie will keep you glued to the seat until the last scene. In this movie, she essayed the role of a troubled girl, who had mental health issues. Kangana Ranaut once again delivers a magnificent performance- genuine, realistic and enthralling all the time.

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4. Tanu weds Manu Returns

The fans couldn’t stop raving about her acting skills in the movie Tanu weds Manu. She charmed the tinsel town with her performance and swayed the hearts of entire Bollywood. She heaped all the admirations for her twin role as Tanu and Kusum. Although both the characters were completely different from one another, but she performed it with so much ease.

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5. Fashion

In the beginning of her career in B-Town, Kangana Ranaut picked a few films where she depicted the role of a disturbed woman. Fashion was one such movie, where she wooed the audience with her excellent performance. She essayed the role of a top model who surrenders to drugs and alcohol. This movie jolted her fans with her talent and irrefutable command as an actor.

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