Salman Khan – Is He the Best Host for Bigg Boss? – Yes or No

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is the reason why millions of people watch Bigg Boss. He has completed 10 years as a host, which is really a proud moment. Salman Khan got very emotional about this. He is undeniably my favorite host. Here are the reasons what makes him the finest host ever in the history of Bigg Boss.


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He has a very unique style of presenting the show

He clearly knows how to engage the audience and the contestant. The way he presents the show doesn’t seem like he is hosting a show, he talks so freely and comfortable. He sounds like a guy next door.

Salman Khan is a brand

His starry attitude is unconquerable. His expressions say it all when he wants to convey something.  He can also speak a lot through his eyes and everyone listens quietly.

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Salman Khan is satirical

His stinging comments are mind blowing. The mischievous smile on his face makes us laugh even on the not so funny joke.

Salman Khan and his list of industry friends

It is his superstar status that most of the biggies in the industry comes inside the house either for promotion purpose or may be casually just because of Salman power.

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 Salman Khan is straight forward

He speaks straight from the heart. He also doesn’t mince his words and doesn’t care what the other person will think.

Salman Khan is not afraid of anyone

He has rebuked the contestants, displayed his anger whenever he feels a contestant is not behaving appropriately.

Salman Khan
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Salman Khan’s guides like a big brother:

He has lent his shoulder to many contestants who got emotionally weak during the show. He has advised them and guided them on various steps.

Salman connects with the aam janta

He also connects very well with the aam aadmi. Many common people come to see the show just because Salman Khan is hosting it. The audience is attached to him.

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Salman’s laughter is worth watching

His innocent and contagious smile is very captivating. Several times he has laughed on himself displays his simplicity.

Salman care’s for the contestant

This is the reason he pulls them up if they behave obnoxiously in the house. He gets worried for their future career ahead because of the contestants conduct in the show.

Salman Khan
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So guys what you think

Is Salman Khan the best host for Bigg Boss? Do share you comment below.





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