6 Personality Traits of Paras Chhabra – Is he using Mahira?

Paras and Mahira

Bigg Boss 13 is the most happening season among-st all the seasons till date; audience can see a lot more twist and turns than the previous season’s. Although this is very common for contestants to fall for each other and get cozy, but Paras Chhabra has gone to another level. He is using Mahira Sharma as bait to keep the audience entertained and glued to the screen. And he is quite successful in doing it as their love angle is fetching those votes.

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Paras is already dating Akanksha Puri and keeps asking for his personal stuff in the house from her. Even Salman Khan confirmed that Paras has sent a letter to Akanksha stating that he is using Mahira for the show. When Akanksha came to Bigg Boss house she even acknowledged the same that it was a strategy, they both have planned for winning Bigg Boss 13.

But, the way Paras touches, kisses and cuddles Mahira under the blanket, it doesn’t look like that their relationship is just restricted to being friends. The irony is Mahira does believe it and keeps repeating it to even Salman Khan that they are just friends, then she is really a dumb person and ignorant.

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Paras’s mother too confronted him about Mahira but he replied with a lot of attitude that “Maine bahut shows karein hain mujhe pata hai kaise chalta hai”. She told him not to kiss her on the screen and stay away from Mahira and play his own game. Mahira’s mother even told him the same not to kiss her daughter. Paras is dating Akanksha for over 3 years and before entering Bigg Boss he told her that don’t take anything deeply as he will be playing his game in the show. But now it is going head over heels. Even Akanksha is startled with the way things are going on.

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But I want to draw attention towards Paras as a person. Here are few things which has revealed his true personality:

1.He is such a loser

that he using a woman for gathering vote. He is playing with Mahira’s emotions. Mahira agrees or not she is in love with Paras.

2. He manipulated her girl friend with his weird strategy.

It only displays to what level he can go to win a show.

3. He is rude.

Paras Chhabra met his mother after 3 months but the entire time he was arguing and wasn’t listening to her advice. He is over confident and a spoilt guy.

Paras Chhabra
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4. He is not a fair person,

most of the tasks were cancelled in the house because of him.

5. He is infuriating and full of himself.

He carries an attitude of “I know it all”. This can be seen when he started arguing with Salman Khan and blamed the creative team for portraying his wrong image. Salman Khan shut him nicely and criticized him for his actions in the house and the way he is disrespecting his girl friend and even Shehnaz’s father also.

Paras Chhabra
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6. He doesn’t respect women.

The way he disregards his girl friend who is till date taking care of his requirements, his obnoxious behavior with Mahira when he gets angry and his conduct with his mother was argumentative throughout when she came to meet him.

Paras used to sound funny and humors in the beginning of the show but he has stoop down to such a low level where playing with a girl’s emotion is mere a strategy for him.

What do you , “Is Paras using Mahira”? Reply with yes or no in the comment segment.

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