IRCTC Train Ticket Booking

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation – IRCTC train ticket booking is a public sector undertaking in India. It offers ticketing, catering, and tourism facilities for the Indian Railways. As of March 31, 2022, it manages the world’s fourth-biggest national railway system, with a total route length of 67,956 kilometers (42,226 mi).

IRCTC was formerly entirely owned by the Government of India and managed under the administrative administration of the Ministry of Railways, however, the government still owns a majority of the company and it is listed on the National Stock Exchange since 2019. The Indian government sold another 20% of its IRCTC stock in December 2020, bringing its total stake to 67 percent.

IRCTC train ticket booking
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Ticket sales over the internet through IRCTC train ticket booking

IRCTC train ticket booking was the first to provide web train ticketing via its website, as well as via WiFi, GPRS, or SMS on mobile phones. It also has an SMS feature that allows you to check your PNR status and live train status. In addition to e-tickets, the IRCTC Corporation offers I-tickets, which are similar to ordinary tickets but are ordered online and sent by mail. The PNR status of the tickets is further displayed. Season tickets for the suburban rail are also available on the internet for commuters.

For regular travelers, it has also created the Shubh Yatra loyalty program. Passengers who pay an annual fee in advance can receive a discount on all tickets bought during the year.

Traveling by rail in India is a real treat. A train station’s atmosphere is captivating in and of itself. But, did you realize that even if you are not traveling, you must have a platform ticket? Those found without a ticket at a train station face a fine from the ticket checker. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, platform tickets may now be purchased online.

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Business model

IRCTC train ticket booking is a mini-ratna corporation that makes money from four different business segments: catering (selling food on trains), travel & tourism (tour and destination-specific itineraries), e-ticketing, and packaged drinking water Rail Neer.

Customers may also take advantage of non-railway meals and services such as e-catering. In this the corporation works with local eateries and receives a predetermined percentage of revenue. Other services include executive lounges, and low-cost motels.

An IPO is a public offering in which the government sells a 12.6% interest in a corporation.

IRCTC train ticket booking offers specific advantages that are, in fact, significant entry barriers for any new participant. Only IRCTC is authorized to provide culinary services to railroads, online railway tickets, and packaged drinking water at railway stops and aboard trains in India, as per the Indian Railways. As a result, the company has established itself as a market leader in train travel-related services.

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The IRCTC train ticket booking – The best platform

IRCTC is the best platform for booking tickets. They are the official app of the railways with a simple and fast UI interface. The most useful feature is that if you cancel your booked online ticket via this app, you will receive much faster refunds than any other third-party ticket booking apps and websites. You will also not face any refund-related problems because the refund process is only between IRCTC and your payment bank.

What is the purpose of IRCTC train ticket booking?

IRCTC train ticket booking offers comprehensive travel and tourist services to a wide range of customers, as well as catering to trains and stations across the Indian Rail network. The “National Lifeline” is another name for it. The IRCTC offers the following services: Luxury Trains for Tourists. 

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