Infidelity – 11 Signs Your Partner is Cheating


Infidelity is not accepted at all. It’s very heart breaking as well. But if you feel your partner has become indifferent, there can be a chance they are cheating on you. Below mentioned points can help you figure out the same:

1. Secretly using phone:

Have you notice sudden changes in your partner related to their mobile phone? Earlier their phone or laptop only had a main screen password but now most of the applications are password protected and they avoid sharing their passwords with you. They also get nervous if the phone is in your hand; even carry the phone to the bathroom. The browser history is also deleted on a daily basis. The signs are not good.

2. More focused on his/her appearance:

Someone who was against working out has suddenly joined a gym or focused too much on their grooming. They have started spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. Excessive use of perfume. They also have started shopping to look nicer or there is an interest in how they look every time they step out of the house.

3. Lack of interest in physical intimacy:

There is No warmth in the relationship. Your sex life is non-existent. In some cases the partner starts introducing new stuff which they have never done before. The foreplay is also missing. The connection you guys had before has taken a back seat. They are also not emotionally drawn towards you.

4. Leaving home early and coming late:

They are working longer hours at work than before. Overtime frequently and all this have started recently. They were the ones who wanted to come home as fast as they could but now they have excuses like puncture, heavy traffic jam, last minute meeting. All this indicates their time is being spent somewhere else.

5. Working on weekends:

This is another sign that they are spending weekend with their alleged affair. Not giving time to the family at all. They also keep finding excuses to stay away from the house.

6. Finding faults constantly:

A person who use to be the cool dude in the house has become short tempered. They also have started finding faults in everything you do. Your spouse is always in the mood to fight. Their mood keeps swinging from good to bad and sometimes worse.


7. Missed calls from unknown numbers:

Have you notice your partner receives frequent calls from unknown numbers or the messages are coded. Notice if they leave the room to take the calls and avoid talking in front of the family. His calls have become long.



8. Less communication:

A partner who won’t sleep unless they tell you everything about their day has stopped sharing anything. They have become reserved suddenly; neither have interest in any communication. They also have stopped appreciating the things they use to. Even their friends also seem uncomfortable and try to avoid you or in some cases have become extra nice. Since they are aware of the facts, so to compensate the same and hide their guilt, their behavior has become sugar coated.

9. Changes in the normal routine:

You can feel that something is not right. Your spouse is avoiding going out with you. They are not supportive like before. They keep forgetting important things like picking up kids, birthday dates or holidays. Sometimes you can’t reach them over phone and they don’t even have a valid explanation. Our heart can see everything.

10. Mentally absent:

A spouse who was alert all the time has become lazy to the core. He also doesn’t respond properly to most of the things you say. He is also mentally absent and physically present. They also seem confused about themselves.

11. Unexplained credit card bills or expenses:

Sudden charges for hotel, shopping, dining out, and excess cash withdrawal have increased. There can be an evidence of purchase like receipt or a ticket found in their bags or pockets. They also spend a lot of money on their grooming and shopping.

But guys before reaching to any conclusion introspect once, that it’s just a doubt or maybe they are genuinely occupied in work.

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