Indian Toilets – 10 Reasons why it is Better than Western Toilet

Indian toilets

Most of the houses are equipped with western restroom. Gone are the days when people would relieve themselves on the Indian toilets. The influence of western culture has not even left the toilet. We have been embracing western culture and losing our tradition, habits and practices. And one of the practice is using western toilet, which has many drawbacks. Although, western toilets look comfortable over Indian toilets, but here are few scientific reasons which proves why Indian style is better:

1.More hygienic:

There is no second thought to it, an Indian toilet is far more clean and germ free than the western restroom. The body doesn’t touch the toilet seat therefore it remains hygienic and also reduces the chances of UTI i.e. Urinary Tract Infection, which is not the case with western seat. People use water to wipe themselves in the Indian seat, whereas in western toilet, people use toilet paper, therefore Indian toilet is a better option.

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2. Increases flexibility:

Squatting position also enhances the flexibility of your hips, calves and ankle, etc.

3. Good for digestion:

When you sit in a squat position, the digestion process improves. Indian toilet puts the force on the bowel movement so that your stool gets cleared satisfactorily. In western toilet, the stomach is also not cleared properly as there is no force on your stomach.

Indian toilets
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4. Saves paper:

A western toilet, wastes a lot of paper which is not the case with Indian toilets. Therefore, it is eco friendly.

5. Saves water:

Western toilet needs more water, than Indian toilets. You can also clean the Indian toilet easily with less water.

Indian toilets
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6. Prevents from constipation:

The squat position in the Indian toilet, removes the stool from the body fully, which clears your colon. When you use an Indian toilet, chances of getting stomach infection reduces.

7. Prevents colon cancer:

The Indian toilets are placed in a manner that it excretes the wastes from the body entirely. This also reduces the chances of appendicitis, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and various other stomach problems, which can lead to colon cancer.

Indian toilets
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8. Ideal for pregnant women:

The Indian toilets are best for pregnant women as it doesn’t put any pressure on the uterus. It also prepares the pregnant women for natural delivery.

9. A good form of exercise:

Squatting is one of the best form of exercise. So, while taking a dump when you squat on the Indian toilet, it raises your blood circulation and also works on your leg muscles.

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10. Friendly for children:

A child can also easily use the Indian toilet without any support, as it is fixed to the surface.


Although it’s your personal choice to decide what kind of toilet you want to use, but as long as you don’t have a knee problem, prefer Indian toilet.  For older people and people with knee problems, they should use western toilet, as it can be tough to balance the weight of the body.

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