In love with the 4 leg beauty

In love with the 4legs

When I was a kid I was very scared of dogs, the reason being twice while playing in the park they ran after me and the third time was while I was walking towards my home from the gym one female dog tried to bit me and was continuously running after me, I kept on running from one street to another. That was the day I would leave all roads if I would see a dog. If at all I had no choice to do diversion, I would mumble “hanuman chalisa” as my mother taught me this chalisa will protect you. Imagine my state of mind whenever I would see a dog, I was scared to the core. I didn’t hate that but never liked them also. Therefore, feeding them or showing love was out of question. Until I found my love in the form of a dog when we shifted to our new house.

The new house was close to my old house and to my surprise there were more dogs on every street then I could imagine. With time I had become normal with dogs (I stopped changing my street). Once I was doing something at the backside of my house a black dog came looking for food. I always said I disliked dogs but there is a side of me which was affectionate, I have always fed them if I would see any stray dog hungry and would run away or tell my father to keep the stuff. But, this time I gave him some milk he drank it in no seconds, I gave him milk again he drank that also, when I gave him milk for the third time he drank half and left. It became a routine to feed him, either I or my parents will put milk for him.

One day I was coming back from my jogging and he wagged his tail and came towards me with so much of excitement, I had never felt so loved in a long time. This gradual feeling for him converted into love, care and attachment. His favorite food was cottage cheese and the day he won’t get that due to another reason he will be very upset with me and will keep on ignoring. He is someone who knew all my life story and secrets which I won’t tell anyone as I am a secretive person. I have cried sharing my things with him and with his cute little eyes he would pay all the attention. He was our family.

There has been countless sleepless night whenever he would get injured or sick. I always felt he was immortal. He was my happiness, my shining star. But one incident changed our life. About a month ago, he was bitten on his ear real bad by other stray dogs that almost ripped his right ear. His left ear was in a mess and there were other injuries as well. That was the time when Diwali was around so because of crackers he was very restless and kept running because of pain and noise. We tried to cure him by applying medicine and by giving antibiotics in water and milk but all failed as he was disturbed because of the cracker and kept on rubbing his ear. The whole day we would protect him from other stray dogs as he was injured and night also we couldn’t sleep thinking about his wellness. His situation was not improving and taking him to a private doctor was not possible as we have tried in the past also one a scooter ran over his paw and he was shivering with pain. He didn’t let us take him anywhere. I still remember I came back from work and he came running towards with a bleeding leg and looking at his condition I cried my heart out and when he saw me crying he stopped weeping and became quiet. He knew I was in pain.

But this time we did an irreversible mistake of our life. While I was in the park a neighbour called for help from an NGO called “Sonadi Animal Care Centre” in Najafgarh. They came and picked him up for care and cure to my surprise as my father told me he didn’t panic at all and quietly went along with them as if he knew that he need treatment this time. He was under their care for 12 days where he was operated and returned home, he returned skinny. When I looked at him I was shocked because he was very quiet and not reacting (I was expecting him to jump on me with happiness). I initially I thought he was angry with me for sending him away but that was not the case. During these two days, he wasn’t eating well, only drinking water, his mouth was bleeding all the time and he stopped barking or identifying us. I thought he got injured again and his gum is bleeding (his private area was all bruised). I was scared to send him back to the NGO again. I thought something has happened to him there. I got medicines and tried to give him through water and milk but nothing helped.

On 12th November, I couldn’t bear to see his condition and asked my neighbour to call that NGO people. I called Sanjay Gandhi hospital people also but they refuse to come unless I tie him up, I even told them he is very sick can’t even walk but they refused and disconnected. He was falling on the floor and couldn’t stand. It was all unbearable for me.

Finally, he took his last breath after struggling to walk and feeling restless. When we investigated, we got to know the overdose of anesthesia by NGO hospital before operation led to his condition and death. Let’s say if this wasn’t the case how come a hospital can send back and ill dog back to his place. Couldn’t they sense he wasn’t well and behaving strangely. I remorse as I believe he had a chance at survival if we had taken him to a private Vet. He was our family. I just can’t stop thinking about what happened. I hope he is free from pain and live happy after.

I wish we would have not sent him to an NGO. I wish we would have treated his ear wound our own. I wish we would have taken him to a private vet and not trust so called NGO who claims for animal well being. Although, I called a Veterinary doctor and told them about his condition also but they refuse to come home for treatment.

He came back to us for 2 days only to say good bye. He was my baby and amongst few I loved the most. It is difficult to see people you love in blood. He died on the most auspicious day “Guru Nanakji Birthday” and full moon. I hope the NGO people would have been more human in treating a stray dog. I am scared to trust NGO’s now. Our life is not normal, not even a single moment passes when we don’t think about him. We see you around all the time.

What was his fault?????


By Poonam

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