There is a saying, “We become what we think”. Expert says a human being thinks between 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day that comes to 2100 to 3300 thoughts per hour. The crowded mind has less room for us and very little room for others. Thoughts and emotions have a close impact on our health. The brain never rests.

There are 3 kinds of thinking: the first one is Insightful thinking which is about finding a solution to a problem, the second one is Experimental thinking this includes focusing on work in hand, and the last kind of thinking is Incessant thinking which is highly indulgent and a continuous affair.

The incessant thinking is very harmful and produces a negative effect on the body. Worries, frustration, anger, jealousy, greed, dissatisfaction etc are chief causes of diseases.


Negative thoughts cause the following diseases:

Worries: Result into high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, inflammation, headache

Fear: it affects your stomach, breathing problem, early ageing, and graying of hair in a younger age, heart problem

Anger: it increases anxiety, causes headache and ulcer in stomach as well as intestine, high blood pressure

Sadness:  it causes depression and poor mental health

Disappointment:  Causes indigestion, paralysis, heart disease, depression

Greed: Causes indigestion and loose motion

Failure: Effects on blood pressure, leads to heart disease, depression

Insecurity: Elevated heart rate and blood pressure, chest pain and uneasiness

Depression: Migraine headaches, effects on blood pressure

Stress: Prolonged stress can affect your vision, graying of hair in a younger age

We sometimes don’t even realize the cause of our disease; it can be most likely because of the wrong way of thinking.

Bad and negative thoughts make you ill whereas good and positive thoughts heal your body. I am a victim of incessant thinking, sometimes even I don’t know how to get rid of it because it starts giving a headache and my mind go out of control, then one fine day I decided to tame my wild mind because I realized  it’s not going to take me anywhere in life. Then I introduced myself to positive thinking.

In this world there is nothing called good or bad decision, it’s the best possible decision always. Sometimes the decision turns out to be very productive and sometimes it causes lot of loss. No point thinking about what has happened. Learn from the situation and move on. Our perception attributes negative or positive properties to everything. We all make mistakes; we are humans so rather than worrying about them, constantly nagging, going in deep thoughts just chill, take it easy. A friend of mine always says, “sansaar khatam nahi ho gaya hai” grab the next opportunity.

Negative thoughts drain away all our energy. It’s our biggest enemy. The constant thought of anger, anxiety, and depression can make you suicidal and will cut you from the rest of the world.

Benefits of Positive thinking:

1.Reduces stress

2. Increases happy hormones

3. Keeps you hopeful

4. Increases enthusiasm

5. Develop your personality

6. Better relationships are maintained

7. Enhances your focus

8. Increases your ability to handle failure

9. Makes you more creative

10. Boosts up your patience and makes you more confident

11. You become likeable and approachable

12. Decreases pain in the body

To increase your positive thoughts take care of the following things:

1. Take every circumstance as a learning

2. Write affirmations the first thing as you get up and before you sleep.

3. Be thankful for small everything

4. Defeat is a situation and not your destiny

5. Stay away from people who discharge your energy

6. Take care of your body – exercise and eat healthy

7. Be optimistic

8. Stop blaming, judging and complaining

9. Get detached with the results, as Shri Krishna says, “Karm kiye jaa, fal ke ichcha mat kar”. Results will come but don’t get too much involved that you start losing peace of mind

10. Ignore small things

11. Be empathetic

12. Listen to the peppy music whenever you will lost

13. Go for outings on regular basis

14. In your daily life use positive words while talking or writing and thinking as well

15. Count your blessings

Positive thinking should be a way of life. In the beginning, it might look fake but gradually you will get adapt to it. Feel the changes after the implementation; you will be a different person all together. Ready to conquer anything you want to.

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By Poonam

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