Hostel Life – 13 Most Important Tips to Survive in a Hostel

For some, hostel life can be difficult and demanding, especially for those moving away from home for the first time. It takes time to become used to a new way of life, and this can be taxing.

This is the point at which we must keep hold of ourselves. However, while away from home and parents, we must accept responsibility for our choices and their repercussions, as well as take charge of maximizing the opportunities available to expand our knowledge and enhance our abilities.

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Hostel life is an experience that requires you to step outside of your comfort bubble and introduces you to a plethora of new encounters. One of them is adhering to strict guidelines. Another is getting to know a variety of students in a small group environment. Continue reading to learn more about this alternate universe.

If you are an outstation student and have the opportunity to stay in a hostel, the first notion that normally leaps to mind is.

How am I going to make it?

You don’t have to be worried. After a while, you manage to survive and stay in a hostel. Here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your hostel stay.

1.Your Nose Must Be Trained!

Most of the time, you’ll be staying with students who are careless about their personal hygiene. Although you can’t constantly tell your hostel roommates to take a shower, brush their teeth, or fart outside the room, you can certainly train your nose to avoid the bad odors! Believe us when we say that this is your first taste of living in a college dorm!

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2. Walk of shame

Nudity is common; if there are guys around, they will change their clothes in each other’s presence, walk naked. They masturbate and enjoy their manhood while sleeping naked under the blanket.

It’s all there. When guys see each other without clothes, they make fun of each other, get excited, shower together, and jerk off. There’s nothing to hide because they’re all boys! So get used to it.

3. Take care of your stuff

You must take care of your belongings and expensive stuff. When you are away from your room, make sure your closet is locked. You hold the security of your valuables in your hands, and you don’t want them robbed. Therefore, make sure you keep your things safe. Always keep your cash and belongings locked up!

4. Obey the warden of the hostel!

Keep in mind to respect your warden and don’t do anything that could irritate them. Follow the hostel’s timings and restrictions.

5. Examine the faucet

Because you don’t want to be stranded in a bathroom with little or no water, which always happens when you are in a rush.

6. Use of substances

Bad company can influence a student’s decision to smoke, use drugs, or drink. Many students‘ first true experiences with substance use and misuse occur when they arrive at a hostel. Because of the flexibility and ease with which they can experiment in college, it can be both thrilling and alarming. Avoid anything that could jeopardize your career or life.

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7. Keep some cash reserves

When you live on your own, especially in a hostel, you never know when your wallet has become empty. It is difficult to keep track of every small penny you spend on yourself or your friends. Take some money out at the beginning of the month and stash it in your cupboard.

8. To Avoid People, Master Soft Techniques

When you are with someone 24/7, it is natural to become annoyed with them. Rather than showing your irritation through your figures of speech, attempt to escape them for a while by employing subtle strategies such as putting on your earphones when they come, pretending to snooze, studying, or reading something.

9. As much as possible, eat home-cooked meals

Make sure you eat home-cooked food whenever you go home or visit a relative, because the food at the hostel mess is awful! Keep your gut health in mind by eliminating outside meals as much as possible.

10. The nights will be used for something other than sleeping

Well, you won’t exactly become a night owl; your sleeping routine will simply shift. After lectures and extracurricular activities, everyone is finally in their rooms at night, which is prime time for gossip. The issue is that this chatter session is difficult to complete since the loop is hard to crack. The entire night passes in a whirlwind once you get into gossip mode. So, when are you going to make up for the sleep you’ve lost? As expected, the next morning’s sessions and lectures are full of shocks. Remember to take power naps whenever you can.

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11. You don’t have anyone to look after you

If you fall sick, there is no one to look after you. Parents are parents, even if the hostel friends try their best to look after one another. As a result, it takes a long time to recover. Keep a close eye on what you eat and take precautions to avoid being ill.

12. Understand When It’s Time to Say “No”

It will be easier to get along with people if you say yes to everything and everyone at first, but this will quickly ruin your entire existence. Keep in mind that saying “yes” to everything should not come at the expense of your mental health. Accept that you don’t have to go out every night or stay up all night just because everyone else in the hostel does. You can simply refuse to give your iPad, or jacket, or any other item, if you don’t want to. This doesn’t make you arrogant or stuck-up. In the long term, it boosts your personality.

13. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in a Noisy Environment

Sadly, no one will turn down the volume for you while you study or sleep, and if you’re one of those people who needs full silence to fall asleep, you’re in for a long night. Acclimate your sleep cycle to what is ahead by practicing sleeping with music or the TV on before you move into your hostel! These hostel survival tips will help you get a good night’s sleep!

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