Home Quarantine – 5 Essential Life Lessons that Home Quarantine will teach us

Home Quarantine

Home Quarantine

The pandemic has taken our normal life away and is all over the news worldwide. It has hit us by surprise and it seems we are living with it forever. The world has witnessed unprecedented and unnatural circumstance which has forced countries to shut schools, close offices and restrict the movement of people.

Janta Curfew
Janta Curfew

Nobody anticipated that it would create a havoc in the globe and will kill so many people. The infection is spreading like a wildfire in the jungle and the whole word is suffering. During this disarray, we then comprehend the value of humanity and the pain we all are going through. There are few important lessons we learnt from the lockdown phase:

1.Family, the strong bond With the three weeks’ lockdown phase Part 1 and 2, we all are confined to our house, working from home and maintaining social distancing. The time spent with family has increased and we all have got once in a lifetime opportunity to be with them and create a strong family bond. This has reestablished the fact that it is only your family which is beside you through bad phase.

2. Self care is important: Being secluded has given you more ‘me time’ and has reformed the relationship you have with your own self. Taking out time for self-care is very imperative. It can prevent exhaustion, reduce the harmful effects of stress, encourage a healthy work-life balance and help you progress. It even taught us that we can survive with limited social interaction and how to remain occupied and retain your mental balance through the lock down.

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3. Importance of our workplace: We never thought that there will be a time, when we will miss going to our workplace. Working from home has its rewards but we can’t ignore the fact that the absolute quietness that comes with it can often make us feel deserted. The boredom of working from home has made us realized the fact that going to office has its advantages. The atmosphere is professional, chatting with colleagues can be therapeutic, one remains’ active throughout the day which is unlikely when we work from home. It may initially sound be exciting and relaxing in the initial days, but this quarantine phase has changed our perception.

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4. Value of socializing: The social distancing has disturbed many of us deeply. Humans by nature are social animals and being quarantined at home has shut their chance to meet friends, going to the gym, outing with friends, salon time and many more. This has restricted our day to day activities to such an amount that the boredom has gone to another level and we are irritated most of time. Social engagement is also a lot of health benefits too. The lock down has handcuffed our freedom of going outside and stay aloof.

5. Self-discipline: The pandemic has made us restricted to the four walls, which has made us mentally exhausted, lazy, not following any routine. Being at home the entire day we stay on the couch, eat whenever we want, take a nap as and when we feel like. Binge eating has made us increase our weight and responsible for a protruding belly. Even, sleeping more than the usual will raid you off numerous important things you could perform during the day. It is very crucial to fix a routine for yourself and stick to it.

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