10 Health Prevention Measures During Monsoon


I love the Rains…. The sound of it… The Fragrance of The Moist soil… The blossoming flowers…. Greenery all over the surroundings…. I could smell the aroma of The Earth while writing this blog….

Everything appears to look magical and stunning when soaked in the rain. The powerful aroma of earth, is so intoxicating.  It is also a great pleasure, particularly after the unbearable heat of summer. The rainy season is here, the rainstorm, the milky sky, abundant greenery all around to make the monsoon one of the alluring season to have fun and get some relief from the severe and perspiring summers, but it doesn’t come alone, it brings many diseases along with it such as cold and swine flu, gastrointestinal disturbances, typhoid, dengue, viral fever, hepatitis A and malaria. The blend of moist weather, dense rain and robust winds easily circulate infectious disease due to contaminated food and water, change of climate and breeding of mosquitoes in standing waters. The majority of people fall sick during this weather due to dirt and dampness, which multiplies the insects and microbes. Here are few precautions which will help you and your family to protect yourself from falling sick.

1.Drink clean water

Intake of contaminated water is one of the prime reasons of getting ill. It is very essential to drink clean water to stay healthy. Drinking boiled or filtered water is the safest option.


2. Say No to Street food

Street food contains a variety of germs and microbes due to the unhygienic condition and filthy water used to wash dishes or preparation of food, which can cause nausea, food poisoning and diarrhea. Therefore, take a break from the street food for a while and eat home cooked meal.

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3. Take a bath every time you get drenched in the rain

Rain comes with a lot of toxins from the atmosphere, therefore, it is important to take a shower after coming back home immediately.

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4. Wash your hands

Cleaning your hands properly before eating food or whenever you come back from the outdoors or after using the washroom has to be implemented every single day not just during monsoon. This reduces the chance of picking up the bacteria and filth from the outside, which is one of the major reasons behind falling sick.

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5. Keep your surroundings clean

Your house should be clean and well-aired. Repair all the seepages or moist areas to evade getting any respiratory disorder or asthma attack.

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6. Avoid walking in the rain

Walking in the rain sounds so exciting and thrilling, but it will make you prone to falling sick and lead to ailments like fungal infection or cold and cough. Therefore, avoid loitering in the rain.

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7. Keep a mosquito repellant

Carrying a mosquito repellant is the safest option during monsoon, the simple reason is mosquitos are a carrier of malaria, so always use a repellant on your body. A mosquito bite can cause various fatal diseases.

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8. Drive safe

Don’t be a hero while driving, especially during rainy season. As the trend states, that during monsoon there is an upsurge in the number of accidents and causes hefty damage to your vehicle. There is strong wind, poor visibility and wet road induce the chance of skidding during this weather

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9. Don’t let your children play in wet patch

Playing in stagnant water and puddles during rainy season, raises the chance of getting contracted to waterborne disease like cholera, typhoid, sore throat, fever and other infections. Therefore, don’t let your child play in still water.

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10. Don’t let water gather near your home

It is a very essential “to do list” one needs to adhere to, as water accumulation will lead to the breeding of mosquitoes which can be very dangerous. Empty bottles, flowerpots, rejected tanks, unused tires are a hub for water accrual. Hence, clean your surroundings.

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