Health – 8 Important Health and Fitness Tips for Busy People

Health and Fitness Tips

Life has become very arduous and pacing very fast. Therefore health and fitness becomes the least priority. Many people have a strong urge to inculcate fitness tips in their routine but taking out time for exercise gets next to impossible since they have time constraint. It is very essential for every soul to stay healthy and lose fat from the body. In today’s competitive world, we are always stuck in other priorities apart from health and by the end of the day there is hardly any energy left for us to exercise. This can cause numerous health issues and stress. But if you are seeking to ameliorate your physical and mental health despite being busy.

Following are the health and Fitness tips which you can follow to remain healthy but there can never a substitute of healthy eating and exercise.

Walk and Talk

I understand desk job might be making you fat and you are more likely to gain those extra kilos. It is not a hidden secret that sitting for long duration of time leads to weight gain. But despite being over occupied with work; you can still manage to walk while talking on the phone or casual discussion with colleagues. Walking is the great way for boosting your over all health. This will burn calories and also won’t make you sleepy for the rest of the day. Walking improves cardiovascular fitness, drops the chance of heart disease, decreases body fat and gives you a break from a monotonous work profile.

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Drink Luke Warm Water

Water is an important nutrient and has surprising health properties. Drinking Luke warm water can aid in weight loss, increases your metabolic rate, relieves constipation and eliminates toxins from the body. Therefore, if you don’t have time to spend on your fitness, do this kindness to your body. You can keep a flask with you which contains hot water or you can ask any helper in the office to provide you the same every 2 hours or so. This is something which is not at all time consuming. It is just a smart choice to make and you can get lot of health benefits attached with drinking Luke warm water.


Two glasses of water before your Meal

Drinking water before the meal can control your appetite as it makes you feel fuller and decreases the amount of food you eat which leads to weight loss. This practice won’t lead to over eating and will also suppress your hunger. It is one of the easiest things you can do when you have time constraint.


5 to 6 fruits everyday

Eating 5 to 6 portions of fruit everyday provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body. You can eat it as a snack or as and when your feel hungry. But avoid tinned and dried fruits as they can increase the calorie intake and is dense in nutrition. A mixture of colored fruits has more nutritional value. It hardly takes any time to eat them. So one can’t make any excuse for being overworked, therefore by integrating this habit in your life, it will save you from extra calories by eating junk instead.

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Take stairs

Climbing stairs can be very beneficial in improving your cardiovascular health, helps in losing body fat, reduces your beer belly which further reduces your weight. It is a perfect physical activity when you have a fast paced life and a rigid time schedule. Stair climbing helps you maintain your health and fitness effectively.


Eat healthy and avoid high calorie food

Obesity is a common problem with people who have sedentary lifestyle and lack of time. High calorie fruits like desserts, meats, burger, pizza, butter, white bread etc lead to weight gain. This increases the cholesterol and fat level in the body and by default you eat a lot more calorie than you can burn. Office parties and outings piles on extra calories in the body. There has to be a gradual change in your lifestyle and eating habits. Fitness is continuous habit and not a one time gesture.

Health and Fitness Tips


Sleep well

Poor sleep is one of the biggest factor for obesity. Sleep deprivation directly impacts your appetite and you tend to eat more. It makes you fatigue, restless and lethargic the entire day, which further reduces your productivity.


Reduce your alcohol intake

Excess of alcohol can reduce your metabolic rate and also induces weight gain. It hinders your body’s potential to burn fat. Alcohol makes your body extremely dehydrated which results in fluid loss. The calories you consume are empty and has no nutritional benefits.

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If you religiously follow the above mentioned tips, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight despite an ill organized lifestyle.



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