Health – 5 Healthy Habits that can Backfire

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Excess of everything is bad. We must have heard this line, zillions of times. Too much of good habit can go against us– particularly when it involves fitness and health.

There is a plethora of options available when you are trying to eat correct, but do we really know what’s right for us? We definitely don’t want to stint on healthy practices like working out, sleeping well, eating vitamins enriched food, but going overboard can have negative effects on the body. The habits we swear by, going to the gym regularly, eating nutritious food, etc…. always have a catch when it comes to being healthy, they can actually be damaging. The experts have said, these habits are not as good as they appear. Let me highlight some healthy practices, that can backfire, which we thought are aiding us in leading a healthier life.

Detox diet

A juice cleansing or a detox diet may help you shed a few pounds, but you will gain it back, as most of the weight loss is water. This diet deprives your body of important nutrients such as fat and proteins. Such diets are not designed for weight loss. There are no researches which supports, that cleansing process enhances the ability to detox your body completely. Eating a nutritious diet is useful for long term liver health and fighting disease.

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Weighing yourself too often

Losing weight is not an easy task, but if you weigh yourself frequently, high chances that you will get discouraged, if you won’t see instant progress. Moreover, a person might go on an unhealthy starvation diet or starts eating, too less or remain stressed throughout the day.  Many people want to lose weight, but in reality they want to lose fat from the body. When you check your weight daily, not necessary, it shows accurate result. A body goes through a lot of changes on a day to day basis.

A temporary increase or fluctuation on the scale, could be a sign of water retention, which depends on water and sodium consumption habit or fluid shift or lack of sleep or stress or periods. Obsessively weighing yourself daily can be upsetting, despite of regular exercising or healthy dietary intake as the scale can be misleading.

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Low-fat or healthy food labels

Labels which says low fat or fat free or all natural or healthy doesn’t mean they are good for your health, as they are overloaded with not so healthy elements. Most of these items contain excess of salt or sugar or unhealthy ingredient, which can be detrimental and you way gain more weight rather losing. Before, buying any such product, read the nutrition facts label carefully. The low fat label looks very appealing, but are they really fat free or healthy? Therefore, read the labels properly before you make a purchase.

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Consuming a protein shake post workout

A protein shake post exercise boosts muscle mass, builds strength and decreases soreness, but in case you are working out in the night, then drink protein shake as a dinner or if you club itself with the meal, you may tend to overeat. It may also disturb your sleep depending upon the kind of protein you are taking. A low intensity workout doesn’t require you to up your protein intake. During the night, our digestion process is very slow and protein takes a lot of time to digest, therefore to avoid over eating replace it with a meal.

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Consuming Diet Soda

Drinking diet soda is linked to underlying medical conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. People who are health conscious, chooses for diet thinking it has no calorie, fat or sugar. But artificial sweeteners are as addictive as sugar, pushes your sweetness senses to a higher level and plays a substantial role in increasing appetite, which further enhances weight gain.

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