Signs that you are not happy in life and don’t even know it

Have you ever thought life is not going the way you expected it to? Do you feel lost often? are you disconnected with your soul? Unable to explain yourself, regretting your decisions, feeling vulnerable, fights with your loved ones, not feeling okay and many such feelings.

Sometimes we even don’t know that our life is piled up with so many negative emotions and we have accepted unhappiness as part of life. If you are not comfortable with your life it indicates you are not happy deep down. Let’s talk about signs that you are not happy and don’t even know it

1.Continuous comparing yourself to other:

Frequently comparing yourself to others makes you envy, frustrated and insecure. There is a saying, “Comparison is a death of joy”. This will make you dissatisfied and gives you a feeling that the other person is better than you. We sometimes don’t even realize that we are comparing because it’s imbibed in us since our childhood. But how it started? Let me take to you back to your child hood; remember your parents constant comparison with your friends, cousins, classmates in terms of marks in examination, growth, behavior, presentation. Everything was compared. Always learn from your past and you don’t follow the same protocol with your kids.

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See, comparison comes naturally, it’s a part of human nature but don’t be a victim of it. Stop yourself and don’t knock yourself down. There are high possibilities the person you are comparing yourself is doing the same. Love yourself with your imperfections.

2. Waiting for your time to come:

Waiting for that perfect day, perfect timing, and perfect life is an illusion. Your time is today; change will not come if you ignore what is in your hand today and keep waiting for your time to come. You deserve to be happy today, right now and live the moment. Bring a meaning to your daily life and spend less time on irksome tasks. I am not saying don’t think about the future or plan for it but the idea lies in making your today worthwhile.

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3. Feeling hopeless:

This feeling is the most sulking feeling ever. When a person starts to lose hope in life and feel like a failure, the real damage starts. I know life is tough lately, every single day you want to pour your tears out, scream out loud. Feeling sad is an emotion but feeling worthless is something we created.

It is attached to serious medical conditions may be not today but in the future. Anything can make you feel hopeless like death, money loss, job issues, relationship problems but focus on finding a solution rather than feeling worthless and embrace the goodness in life and spread your arms towards the opportunities coming your way.

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4. Not feeling good enough:

I am not good enough for the job, slim enough, young enough, happy enough, loved enough, appreciated enough blah blah blah…….. Can you relate with the same??? We all go through this feeling some point of time. Even if you do your best, it doesn’t seem enough. Such feelings rip you apart deep down. If such thoughts emerge tell them to stop (it’s possible) and come back to what you were doing, live in the present.

Many times you don’t feel good enough because someone’s face book profile looks better than yours, which makes you feel worse about the situation. The best thing solution is doing things which makes you happy and positive. Stand up to your insecurities and get real with yourself, you are already good enough.

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5. Blaming your circumstances:

You feel like a victim of your circumstances and blame others for your situation. This situation arises when you don’t take ownership of your circumstances. This blame game makes life miserable and you will never move ahead in life. First of all have this acceptance that only you are responsible for your situation only then you can find out ways to change your circumstances. There can be situations which are beyond your control but don’t like a victim, be a fighter.

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6. Trust issues:

If you protect yourself with steel walls, you are facing trust issues in your life. Lack of trust makes you suspicious and you doubt every single intention of others. The signs can be no friends or even if you have a friend you don’t share stuff, stormy relationships, secretive about your life; such things can make you lonely.

I can relate with this because even I have this issue in life because of few things happened in the past. I stopped getting close to people and started maintaining a safe distance but I realized one thing this won’t help me ever in terms of growth, relationships and other aspects of life. Try and let go of the past, make a conscious effort towards forgiving and moving on.

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7. Improper sleep:

If you are not getting sound sleep, tossing and turning has become a routine affair, this indicates you are unhappy in life. Insomnia can be caused by stress, excessive thinking or any medical condition but if the cause is worry then it will get worse if the issue is not resolved. This also disturbs the next day routine as well by giving you a headache. Stress is a never ending feeling; it also takes a toll on your health. The mind doesn’t relax as million things are running in a minute.

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8. Lack of sexual desire:

A stressed life, hectic schedule, over thinking, tension can also reduce your sexual desires. Depression plays a major role on the libido and hampers the quality of life. There is less energy to enjoy sex like before because of stress. It’s the most common problem people are facing, it’s better to go to a professional and take help if the situation goes out of control.

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9. Falling sick often:

This is another symptom that you are unhappy in life. Regular headaches, stomach issues, muscle spasms, getting tired often indicates that you are dealing with stress and frustrations of late. A person might be seek for a few days or a week or months or may be for years, it all depends on your feelings inside. Unhappiness makes you sick. The symptoms can even become worse in the future.


10. Unusual anger:

Frustration leads to anger. If you are often angry and get into arguments frequently, you are dealing with unhappiness in life. Anger is a choice, whatever situation comes in life, it’s up to you how to deal with it. It also affects people around you because they are the one’s who have to deal with your anger. Life can’t always be hunky dory; there will be disappointments, failures, annoyance, learn to deal with them. If there are things which are making you unhappy, figure out a solution.

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I want to tell you one thing, the problems will never end in life, situations won’t get better, there will be some or the other thing which will come in your way because life is not a problem, but everything is in your hand and how you handle it. It may not be a comfortable one but you can change things around with a positive attitude.

Stay happy

Stay blessed

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