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Goa was always an overrated destination for me. I would keep hearing from my sister, friends and acquaintances that how wonderful Goa is? And how much I am missing something in life by not visiting there, but I never cared. For me, Goa was a destination which I don’t know why people keep visiting frequently and keep talking about it all the time. I felt they haven’t seen other part of India or haven’t travelled abroad so that’s why they are partial towards treating Goa like a paradise. It was merely an over-hyped place in my eyes.

But my thought process was seriously crap. It changed 360 degree after I went to Goa. I fell in love with the place so much that my every shopping list includes itinerary for Goa even though I have no plans to go there. I will search for bikinis everywhere thinking someday I will go to Goa and wear them.  It became a place which gave me peace and took away my sorrows may be temporarily but there is a magic in this place.


Goa is a mixture of India and Portuguese culture. It has Sun, Sand, Spices, and Seafood. Earlier it was a seasonal place to visit from October till March, but now people go there 365 days a year. Goa is different from the rest of the India. People are relaxed and easy going. I went there with my friends and decided to stay at North Goa. Our trip started from Delhi to Mumbai (I love Mumbai and I am going to share my experience soon in the next blog). Then from Mumbai, we took an Indigo flight and reached Goa as we landed, I knew I belonged to this place. When we went to take the taxi, I got the shock of my life taxi service was really over priced and there were no uber and Ola cabs available and when I say costly I really mean it.

The journey had begun for me; a girl who hated Goa actually started falling in love with it. On our way to the hotel I was excited to look at the swimming costumes hanging outside the shops and coconut water after every 200 meter, the houses passing by were very different from what we have in Delhi. We reached our hotel near Candolim beach, walking distance to beach was 5 to 7 minutes.  As we reached the hotel, I told my friends to do the check in I will join them in sometime, I straight away went to the beachwear shop and purchased my first bikini. I told myself “GOA IS AWESOME”.

Hotel was nice, It was a luxury hotel and with a big pool. But who is going to swim in the pool when I have the entire ocean in front of me. In the evening we went to Candolim beach. It wasn’t very crowded and there were more foreigners in comparison to Indians. Candolim beach is 14 km away from Panaji, with pristine white sand. There was lot of water sports activities like Para-sailing, jet-skiing, banana rides were going on. We even did few activities to take some memories back home. Few people were jogging from one corner of the beach to the other.  The main road known as Calangute Candolim road had shops, restaurants, rent a car/scooty shops. People were drinking on the road, chatting, singing on the karaoke, dancing on the beach. I loved this beach personally because it really wasn’t that crowded.

Goa is famous for its nightlife, beaches, churches and its architecture. People across the globe come here and stay even for months. Next day we hired a scooty which cost us Rs.350 which was quiet normal and went to Arambol beach. It has become popular of late as people want to escape the crowd of Baga and Calangute. But trust me it was equally crowded, but still it was different from Candolim which I can’t figure out why. The winds were very strong and people were jumping in the sea despite of harsh sun. All of my friends went for swimming but I wanted to be there with myself smelling the ocean, the sand and explored the place barefoot. Lot of hawkers will keep disturbing you for tattoo, mehndi, massage but one has to deal with them. I ate watermelon and was feeling blessed to be standing there at this moment. I took a foot massage while waiting for my friends to come out of the sea. There were numerous shacks around the beach.

We ate lunch and left for Chapora fort, it was very hot and we were sweating profusely. Thank god I always carry a change. Chapora fort is another very popular destination for tourists. Dil Chahta hai was shot there, therefore it was a must go place. The best time to go there is towards the evening because of the scorching sun rays and also sun set looks beautiful from there. We sat there for some time and enjoyed the surrounding. Later in the evening we went to a bar near our hotel. I am teetotaler but my friends drink, I ordered my cheese omelette they tried the famous sea food there. The music was live, the ambience was electric and the day had just begun.

The next day plan was fixed by me. We didn’t hire the scooty that day because we booked an entire day package for Dudhsagar water fall. Everyone was a little disinterested but I am someone who knows how to get her work done by nagging continuously. The tour operator bus came to pick us at 7 am, he dropped us at Mollem village which is 65 kms away, and from there jeeps safaris are available for groups. The route to dudhsagar fall is spectacular and very bumpy also. As if some film shooting is going on. I would advise don’t trek its really very far and the road is very narrow for trekkers and vehicles to go simultaneously. When we reached there I couldn’t believe my eyes it was outstanding and beyond my imagination. It’s God’s gift to mankind lush green, very tall and a breathtaking view (to reach the waterfall also has a very exciting path).

We changed into our swimwear and sank inside the water and enjoyed the Indian railway whistling, waving and crossing over the bridge right above our head. The water was very cold and with big fishes inside, completely harmless.


The water was very transparent and crystal clear. We all had a blast. But we had to return with in 1 hour back to our jeep (next time we’ll hire a private taxi so that we can enjoy more). On our return the bus stopped at spice plantation which was part of the tour. Our lunch was served there. It was an Eco friendly place. We were greeted very well and the hospitality was commendable. Our guide took us around and was explaining about different spices, there uses, special properties and how they are planted.

Goa We went back to our bus and slept throughout the way to the hotel. We were dead tired and dozed off; we got up middle in the night and went to search for restaurants as we were dire hungry, luckily there were few opened. We had our dinner and went for a walk on the beach it was around 2.30am in the night; it was very dark but still beautiful.

Next day, we walked till Fort Aguada in the morning.  There was a light house which was made to guide ships into safe harbor. The fort was built to keep an eye on any movement happening through the water. It was a great defense base.  From there we went to Sinquerim beach, luckily we found a short cut to go there, one ask any local shop guy they will guide you. The famous Taj Vivanta is located next to the beach which is really a wonderful property. This beach also offers a range of water sport activities. We dipped inside the beach and had a gala time.


We went back to our hotel changed and left for Mapusa for shopping. It is well known for its Friday market. You can get everything from household stuff to jewellery to spices, nuts, and clothes under one roof. We didn’t want to shop much as we all were excited to go to Tito’s lane. I am very fond of dancing. Tito’s club is the most famous club in Goa in Baga beach. It was one of the first discotheques in Goa. Tito lane is full of night clubs, bars. Goa food is reasonable priced and my friends really enjoyed the typical Goan food. I am not a night person, but I don’t mind shaking my legs along with my friends. We came back to the hotel quiet late and next day had a departure back to Delhi.

The last day in Goa started with a jog on the beach (I didn’t mention above but every day I went for a jog, jogging on the beach is the best feeling on planet earth, sea on the side, sound of the shores, the experience is very mesmerizing). Later we packed our bags and went to the airport. I am not a party person neither I drink nor a foodie but what made me fall in love with Goa was the incredible beaches, freedom to move around at any time of the day or night, wear anything I want without being judged. Tourists will still stare at you (I think you have guessed whom I am talking about) but the locals are least bothered. They are busy in their own life. The freedom to roam around is lacking in Delhi as it’s not safe, I found in Goa. I knew I belonged to this place. Every place in Goa has its own charm so try to spend at least a week there. I landed back booked my ticket again to Goa after few months. This time I will capture South Goa as well along with North Goa.

I love travelling

I love GOA



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