Germs –  14 Filthiest Things in your House which can make you Sick

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Do you think washing hand is enough to maintain personal hygiene? Since the pandemic has taken our breath away, we are more obsessed with washing or sanitizing our hands and maintaining social distancing. Do you know your house is shockingly filled with dirt and germs? When I say germs, the only place that comes to your mind is a toilet seat. But, the fact is there are certain places or items in your house which you touch every single day that is the breeding ground of germs, yeast, and filth. Bacteria and germs can live in some startling places. There are spaces in your house, which you don’t even consider cleaning.

Here are 14 filthiest places or items in your home which can make you sick:


Yes, you read it right. Since it remains in circulation, therefore money is the root of a lot of bacteria. Many scientists have suggested that to make cashless transactions rather than using money to boost your health.


2 Toothbrush holder:

A toothbrush holder is a hub of germs and filth. We usually brush twice a day and our mouth is full of bacteria. So every time we brush our teeth, the water dribbles on the holder. This contaminates the holder. Therefore, clean it at least once a week.

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3. Toilet Valve Handles:

You cannot clean your hand without turning the tap. So after you use the loo either for big or small business you have to turn the faucet to clean your hands. They are filthier than your toilet seat. Clean them on regular basis either with a disinfectant or soap & water.

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4. Stove Knobs:

When was the last time you cleaned your knobs? The knobs also contain yeasts and bacteria so clean them often to avoid breeding of germs.

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5. Dish sponge:

Sponges or dish rags are used for cleaning purposes, but holds more dirt than you can imagine. Since it remains wet and damp containing several bacteria, which can deteriorate your health condition and result in stomach-related issues. Change them every week.

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6. Kitchen sink:

The kitchen sink is the place where you clean and rinse your dirty utensils. It is the house of a plethora of germs and microbes.

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7. Pet bowls & toys:

The pet bowls & toys can be potentially precarious as they are infested with bacteria and microorganisms. And imagine you let the dogs lick your face.

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8. Rugs:

Rugs in the living room or bathroom contain mud, grime, dust, and other filthy things. You can also fight the dirt by cleaning your rugs on weekly basis.

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9. Laptop:

Yes, we all know that it is full of dust and bacteria, but how many times do you clean it? The keyboards are disgusting than you can ever think of.


10. Remote control:

Just like laptops, remote controls need to be disinfected regularly. Remote control, light switches, fan regulators are extremely dirty and filled with germs.

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11. Bedsheets:

We think by changing them weekly or fortnightly we are getting rid of the bacteria it contains. We keep our remote, mobile, magazines, bags and what not on our bed. It even contains our sweat. So now you can imagine how many germs it must be carrying.

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12. Mobile phone:

We spend maximum time on our phones, it is indeed our lifeline. But, it is infested with fecal substance, therefore clean it regularly.

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13.Hand Towels:

Hand towels are placed in every bathroom. So whenever you finish your business you wipe your hand with the towel. But the towel remains damp and wet, which can breed bacteria. Another thing is you might have cleaned your hand properly, but you can’t take guarantee of the other person.

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14. Salt & Pepper Shaker:

Could you even imagine this, that the salt & pepper shaker could be the dirtiest thing in your household? We pick them up several times a day, without cleaning our hands and making them soiled.

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