Gaslight Movie Review: Is it Worth Watching?

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The Sara Ali Khan-starring movie Gaslight is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The reaction from fans was disappointing and obvious.

As per some Twitter users, the director Pavan Kirpalani’s film Gaslight follows a similar path to numerous suspense or horror films that came before it.

The narrative centers on Meesha, a wheelchair-bound child played by Sara Ali Khan, who discovers her father missing upon arriving at her estate. The cast includes a stepmother named Rukmani (played by Chitrangda Singh), a manager (Vikrant Massey), a doctor (Shishir Sharma), a distant relative, a hammy (Akshay Oberoi), and an investigator (Rahul Dev).

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A predictable tale

Everything is black, including the settings, background music, and framework. Gaslight is lacking in atmospheric and cinematic flair. Cinematic and aural splendor are lacking in Gaslight. Even Ramsay Bros. movies like Veerana use some of those ominous clichés. The writer ought to have understood that, whether it concerns the characters or the plot, every single twist is foreseeable from the very beginning. Gaslight has remained as dull as a thriller because it is full of out-of-date notions. Surely, viewers deserve writing that is intelligent. The little plot twists that appear at the very end scarcely surprise you.

Since Gaslight is a dark movie, all the components must also be dark. At some point, the darkness even makes it impossible for you to see what is happening.

The characters didn’t justify themselves because of the poor script.

Vikrant Massey does similar kind of roles in every movie or web series. In order to create something new, he must try something different. He seems misfit in the character, as he is far more talented than what he was told to do. His acting is merely adequate in the movie. The primary character, Sara, is utterly dull and contributes little to this weakly written character.

The audience questions why Rahul Dev was wasted in the movie. If he had been given more scenes to play, his performance might have been better. But, by disregarding the supporting cast of the movie, the directors wasted an opportunity to increase the tension. Chitrangada Singh has a stunning screen presence.

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What didn’t work in the movie, Gaslight:

Sara is confined to a wheelchair. In particular, this has no impact on the plot. She could have been portrayed as normal instead, and the effect would still have been the same.

To achieve a haunting impact, the movie alternates spooky silences and jump scares, yet it falls short. Although it is a technically excellent product, there is not a compelling story to keep you interested.

Despite Vikrant Massey’s best efforts, the movie is a disaster because of the script. The actor has a complicated story line, but the onscreen translation makes it impossible for the shift to be seen.

Sara Ali Khan’s acting was so terrible that anyone could have told she was overacting the part rather than actually playing it. Spoilers: Raja Ratan Singh’s daughter, who made an attempt at suicide but ultimately passed away, was friends with Sara Aka Meesha. Anxiety and sadness were the main factors in her demise. What a coincidence: Meesha was the one who, after searching for her for a long time, found her in a mental hospital and treated her. Nevertheless, when she made an attempt at suicide, Meesha was forced to seek revenge on her stepmother so that the riddle might be solved.

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