Four More Shot Season 2 – An Overrated Feminist Drama

Four More Shot

I would admit that, I liked the first series – Four More Shots as I was besotted by the open minded characters, striking clothes, impeccable house, friends who could share all evils without being judged. I was so enthralled with the peripherals of the show that the overrated portrayal of the extensive notion of feminism got unnoticed. The second season of Four More Shot Please was released on 17th April on Amazon Prime has received a mixed response from fans for escalating debatable subjects like women’s liberation, bisexuality and single motherhood. But the controversial subject lost its track and showcased more of inhibited over dressing, drifting plot of privilege people with self-made glitches, repulsive dialogues, loud performance, over styling on even normal days.


Four More Shot
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Even though I finished the season, but it made me think, what did I actually see? The lack of storyline, overdose of fashion, the travesty of the four girls leading the show, weakened their presence on the screen. The series showcased the ambition of sweltering women, their desire and rebel, crumbling trust on marriage, declaring fluid sensuality and eroticism. It was more of a dismay to see the four girls leading such exchanges loaded with oodles of fashion and beauty products. Even though, it was a challenge to relate to the show, but amidst this lockdown period, I still watched the torturous series and enjoyed the flavorless loathe watching season 2 of the Four More Shot.  Let me highlight 3 unrealistic spoilers of the stunningly insipid series:

Farfetched lifestyle – From where all that money was coming:

The designer outfits, latest fashion trends straight from the glossy fashion magazines or lacy fashionable bra or messy hair or see through attire or stylish jewelry or strappy footwear, everything about them was a vigorous attempt to pull the audience considering the poor or no storyline which led to more disappointment. The girls looked more like a fashion prey.

One last thing, I never knew a Mumbai based gym trainer actually mints a lot of money who can afford such designer clothes and implausible lifestyle?? None of them ever looked normal – it’s okay to have unkempt hair or a casual clothes instead of coming out of the party every time they step out. In fact, Anjana and Damini spoke several times about money crunch, hard to absorb this crap. I still couldn’t digest going to a nice bar in South Bombay drinking like a tanker and talking about money crunch??? Something was a big miss in the show!!!

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Single Mom Struggle – Could we really see that?

I couldn’t grasp the character of Anjana played by Kirti Kulhari leading a life of a struggling mom. She had all the time to party or hang out with her boyfriend or dating a married man or going to Istanbul or Goa for that matter or talking to her friends. The directors should have actually peeped into the life of mom’s who are single and revealed a bit of a realistic approach to the challenges they face, rather living in a la la land and depicting a character who is far more interested in having an open relationship with a married men or thinking about her biggest squabble – her Vee Vee i.e. the deserted vagina or packing her bag going to Istanbul or Goa leaving her daughter to her ex-husband and her second wife.

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Does shouting Vagina while sitting on the Marine Drive makes you feminine?

The series Four more shot which emulates the lives of four urban females, has been disparaged by the audience for its mock illustration of the same. The show highlights pilloried topics like menstruation, bisexuality, divorce, harassment at work, gay marriage and almost every taboo issue. Each and every character in the show stenches of extreme anxiety and desperation.  A strong character like Anjana on one side believes in monogamy, but on the other side has a polyamorous relationship with her boss.

In the name of being progressive and portraying as an independent woman, the protagonists keep running away from a stable relationship either they are commitment phobic or finding themselves or lack of communication or jumbled in their head. Siddhi never ever tried to communicate with her boyfriend about the “bad sex” thing instead she chose to break up.  Screaming “VAGINA” on the marine drive is the worst representation of feminism. The series compel us to consider if all feminist liberties and Catch-22s can be recognized as wobbly misperceptions lying somewhere in the middle of the words sex and flab.

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The only thing lucrative about the show is the latest fashion trend, straight from the fashion house, immaculate style, lifestyle of South Bombay hot girls and a best time killer amidst this lockdown.

              The controversial subject lost its track and showcased more of inhibited over dressing, drifting plot of privilege people with self-made glitches, repulsive dialogues, loud performance, over styling on even normal days

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