Fashion – Top 6 Summer A must Buy Clothes for Women

What is Fashion?

What comes in your mind when you hear this word Fashion – Comfort, Style, Class, Luxury etc. etc. We all have our own panache and fashion statement. Fashion is not just restricted to protecting your body or layering yourself, in fact it portrays your individual identity. The kind of clothes we wear depicts our attitude to the other person. Fashion is a way of communicating your persona, attitude and is something we have to deal with every single day of our life.

It is a language which recites your story. Fashion implicts dressing up in the best possible manner, with a popular appealing and artistic appearance in a specific manner, time and place. Fashion is a unique and customary trend in a manner in which a person dresses up.

In plain words, it is I am who I am!!!!

Fashion embraces all forms of style from street fashion to designer stuff. When it comes to women fashion, it a task for most of the women to look striking each day. She wants to be seen, adored, treasured and feel extraordinary. Poise can be cultivated by stunning and the latest trends in sartorial and accessories. It is a fail-safe effective technique. A closet full with a wide range of designs, style and colors is every girl dream. With the new season around, every girl wants a new wardrobe and coronavirus can’t steal this opportunity from us. With the rise in temperature it’s time now to revamp your shelves with these 5 summer must buy clothes to uplift your summer appearances.

A Cotton Strappy Top

A lightweight cotton strappy top in light or dark tone is an essential part of your summer outfit. You can team it up with a pair of cotton pants, shorts, jeans, jeggings with a lot of junk jewelry in the hand. It is very lightweight and comfortable. It can easily mold to the shape of your body.

A loose Ankle length Jean

A cropped loose jean, ankle length is a major stylized fashion for women. It is an all – season wardrobe must, wear them with trendy flats or light weight, casual shoes with a crop or a tank top or a loose cotton top tucked inside will complete the look. Don’t miss the sunglasses will will make you appear more chic and wannabe.

A long Maxi Dress

This one remains my favorite and a must buy in the summer. Off shoulder, strappy, one sided, any and everything looks fantastic. In the hot weather, a lightweight, breathable maxi dress is the most practical and fashionable piece of clothing. One can wear it flats, wedges or heels, a deep neck can be concealed with a junk neckpiece.

A Knee Length Cotton Dress

The cute summer dresses never go out of fashion. They are available for all shapes and sizes and plethora of prints. If you have nothing to wear on a date, the perfect knee length casual cotton dress can be savior. You won’t just look stylish but it will make you look great.


Who says same Bottom and Top shouldn’t be of the same Color?

A linen pant with a cotton top of the same color can also look perfect for a hot summer day. It’s a great way of showcasing your fashion statement and accessorizing the right way. If the top is without sleeve a watch and some junk silver bangles will complete the look.


I can wear tights with anything, even in winters I will double it and wear it with my jacket or a woolen sweater. It is so cool, comfy and wearable in summers, it has to be a summer wardrobe staple. In summers wear it with a shirt or a smart casual top or a kurta or a cotton flowy top, team it up whatever you have in your closet.


In summers, choose clothes that will keep you cool and calm. But being a women’s fashion is equally important for us. Therefore, wear which will combat the heat and you will remain stylish and at ease

By Poonam

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