Fashion – 7 Best Tips for Summer Clothing

Summer is here, and it is ready to go! It is time to dive headfirst into this season’s fashion must-haves. It is the season to discard clothes and dress however you like. The beauty of this time of year is that, you do not have to buy raincoats or thick jackets to protect yourself unlike other weather.

However, if you are not prepared for the summer heat – and this year has been quite hot, to put it mildly – you might get really uncomfortable.

When it is sweltering outside, what should you wear? Experts recommend hats, scarves, tank tops, socks, undergarments, loose shirts, and more to keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

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Stepping outside into a steamy, sticky, suffocating wall of hot and humid weather may be distressing. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for that sweltering sensation, so finding ways to decrease the discomfort by wearing garments that keep you cool is the best approach to improving your comfort.

Here are the 7 fashion rules of summer that the Stylists swear by, whether it is switching out your tight fitting jeans or letting go off that red color top or reconsidering your fashion accessories when the temperatures rise.

1.Tight clothes—a big fashion disaster

Choose cropped or wide-leg pants, loose shirts, and flowy skirts and dresses. Avoid wearing apparel that is too tight. The easiest way to keep cool in the heat is to wear loose-fitting clothes.

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2. Wear light colors

The very first step in selecting clothing to help you relax is to consider the color you will be working with. No matter how airy the fabric is or how little sleeve coverage your arms have, there is one blanket rule that should be at the top of your priority list: wear lighter colors.

If at all feasible, wear white. Lighter colors reflect light and heat, while darker colors absorb more. Light shades, white skirts, and button-down shirts reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them.  A dark-colored shirt will always make you sweat more.

3. Wear sports attire

Workout wear is an excellent choice for hot weather. The less time you spend in swampy garments, the faster your shirt or pants dry after being saturated with perspiration (which will not evaporate rapidly on hot, humid days). The lighter the fabric, the faster it will dry in general, but you may also look for apparel that is labeled as rapid drying. Quick-dry clothes will not completely remove humidity, but they will dry a little faster than clothing that takes a long time to dry.

Fabrics used in sports clothes absorb perspiration and enable heat to travel through the weave, allowing you to stay cooler. This is a huge benefit. Many sportswear shapes are also designed to allow for more freedom of movement, which improves comfort and minimizes friction. While leggings are not appropriate for a business meeting, the right athletic gear may help you improve your athleisure game.

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4. Wear cotton clothes

This may sound obvious, but it is not until you are trapped inside the metro wearing a heavy collared shirt, waiting at each stop to exhale and breathe when the doors open.

A cotton T-shirt is not only a wardrobe classic that will last you a long time, but it is also lightweight and breathable. By sticking to lighter colors, you will be less likely to reveal unsightly sweat spots as the hour’s pass. There is no reason you should not have a selection of tees on hand.

5. Dresses are a great fashion statement

Dresses do not have to be reserved for exceptional events. A comfortable summer dress is a great solution when you do not know what to wear. Summer is the ideal season to wear minidresses, jumpsuits, and short shorts, but it is also fine to go a little longer. Choose a sleeveless maxi dress or a long skirt for a bohemian summer fashion appearance. A dress with a tie-front might let you breathe a bit easier.


6. Accessorize as little as possible

In general, accessorise is the finest fashion trend. However, stay away from them while it is hot outside. In the summer, a lot of hanging necklaces or bangles might adhere to your skin. Choose one bold item, such as hoop earrings.

7. Get rid of your jeans

One of the heaviest fabrics is denim. If you are wearing stretch or slim jeans, they can be a little too warm for your summer look. Rather, choose for light cotton or linen trousers. If you must wear denim, go for wide-leg jeans with plenty of room for airflow.



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