Fashion – 5 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials


Who says fashion is only for Women?

Fashion is not just confined to women in today’s scenario, but yeah, women remain in the spotlight, as men are  a small buyer in comparison to their female accompaniments. Most men never grew up with much interest in fashion or style and never had established a natural drive for how their closet should look like. Both men and women have their own fundamentals regarding how they need to be dressed, but men still struggle with how to dress better or stick to those blues, greys, blacks in their wardrobe. Even if they wear the same shirt every day, I bet no one will notice.

Though fashion keeps changing now and then, the appearance of a well-styled male remains distinctive. A menswear has become trendy, abundant and diverse.  Certainly, not every man has the essential clothing’s in their wardrobe. But there are a few basic pieces which never go out of fashion and in the moment of doubt they are the best fallback options. So let me help you get your wardrobe ready with pieces of clothing which are essentials in a man’s closet.

A Blue Jeans

It is a must-have in every man’s closet. One can never go wrong with a pair of blue jeans. It is an all-time most worthwhile piece of clothing. You can wear them with a basic tee or a shirt or a jacket or a sports coat. This wardrobe essential needs no brain. But invest your time and money in finding the perfect well fitted jeans. A blue jean is considered as an all-rounder in any given scenario.

A White shirt

It is another classic, which remains in fashion forever. Nothing can ever go wrong with a button down white shirt.  Team it up with a jeans or a formal trouser or beneath your suit or wear it with a chino, it remains an absolute must in all men’s apparels. Always prefer for a tailored fit, as unkempt or oversize will look like a disaster.

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A Well Fitted Navy Blue or Grey or Black Suit

Every guy needs at least one tailor fit suit in their closet. It is no hidden secret that a man looks sexy and stylish in a suit. A well fitted suit is considered to be a powerful piece of clothing. Blue or Black or Grey color looks classic and can be worn on any occasion be it formal or a wedding. It can be worn in a variety of ways of breaking the suit components and teaming them up separately.

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A Polo Neck T-Shirt

A polo neck T-shirt looks very cool and classy. It gives an urbane appearance. Wear it untucked or tucked with a pair of jeans or a short and a smart sneaker and be ready to get the female attention wherever you go. A polo neck is considered as the trendiest casual clothing. One can even wear it with a formal pant and shoes, this will turn your outfit into a smart formal. A polo t shirt is available in a wide range of prints, colors – if you are someone who doesn’t want to experiment, this is the time to leave the basic behind and welcome your cupboard with a lot of vibrant color polo shirts.

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A Beige Chino

The Chino has become an essence of classic wardrobe essential and is considered as a high street fashion must-have. It falls in between a casual denim or a formal trouser. They are very versatile and an all-round piece of clothing. You can team it up with a T-shirt or a blazer or shirt or a bomber jacket, they go well with any and everything, as they can cater to all kinds of looks you want. The perfect chino trouser has to be comfortable and breathable, avoid buying a skin tight chino at all cost. This clothing essential is worn by all modern generations.

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