Farzi, a Shahid Kapoor series: is it worth watching?

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Shahid Kapoor, Vijay Sethupathi, Raashii Khanna, and Kay Kay Menon play the main characters in the Hindi action-thriller web series Farzi. The narrative, which was directed by Raj and DK, follows a young artist as he transitions from a difficult upbringing to a life of crime and vengeance.

The artist becomes entangled in a deadly network after discovering a skill for producing fake notes that are undetectable even by cutting-edge technology.

Regardless of the fact that the farzi notes are the subject of the Amazon Prime Video original series, the concept is entirely new. The Family Man’s makers once again captivate their audience with a compelling story through strong acting, hilarious one-liners, and exciting scenes.

Farzi might be the show you are seeking this weekend if you are looking for a good criminal thriller. Although it loses its footing towards the end with a few wobbly episodes, this Indian series, which is 8 episodes long, nonetheless does a lot of things well. Farzi is full of excitement and drama, superb acting, and a few endearing side-plots.


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The story of Farzi

Shahid Kapoor’s character Sunny, the protagonist of Farzi, is an artist. He is paid pitifully little and is forced to eke out an existence just by crawling. He has his own methods, nevertheless, as an artist. Sunny discovers his knack for printing fake notes in an effort to save his grandfather’s printing machine played by Amol Palekar, which will cure all of his troubles. He has also mastered the technique to the point that the phoney notes pass for the real thing. Even technology struggles to identify bogus ones. Vijay Sethupathi plays the cop , Michael, who has his eyes set on Sunny. A gang tricked Sunny into working for Kay Kay Menon.

What made the series work?

Shahid Kapoor is Farzi’s greatest asset. Shahid succeeds in nailing the look and feel of his character, which is an indication of a skilled actor. With Farzi, Vijay Sethupathi also makes his Hindi film debut, and it goes without saying that he is the best. The fact that Sethupathi actually talked in the series and didn’t dub is appreciated by the viewers. Hearing him utter dialogue in slurred Hindi is entertaining, and hearing him spout expletives is much more entertaining. This enhances his persona and makes him seem more credible.

Raashii Khanna, Kay Kay Menon, Amol Palekar, and other brilliant actors round out Farzi’s stellar supporting cast. They are all well-known artists who successfully portrayed their Farzi figures. Farzi has only added to Raj and DK’s long list of accomplishments as filmmakers who have already proven themselves on several occasions.

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What failed to work?

It is a tad unfortunate since there are no sequences starring Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi together. Although the characters are nicely developed, the writing becomes weaker as the plot develops. What begins as a fast-paced, compelling crime thriller quickly turns into a slow drama. Yet things pick up speed quickly, and from that point on, nothing is dull. Those who were hoping to see a new film from the makers of “The Family Man” may be disappointed.


Farzi, a series of eight episodes, is entertaining to watch, but the plethora of details occasionally makes it boring. Although the show succeeds in holding viewers’ attention until the very end, the creators could have simply avoided discussing the specifics of producing a fake money note. Since the makers left the series unfinished, audiences can anticipate Farzi Season 2 in the future.

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