Post workout- 8 Mistakes we make after exercising

post workout

Regular workout is very good for health and builds your endurance. It helps you lose weight, strengthens you muscles, reduces the risk of life threatening diseases, increases your immunity, makes you strong and focused. I can go on and on the importance of fitness in your life. But there are few things which we ignore our post workout. However workout doesn’t end when you finish off your fitness routine but there a few things which people tend to forget:

1. Don’t stretch:

Stretching is very essential post your workout. It keeps the muscle strong and flexible. Stretching recovers your body by reducing the muscle stiffness. It is required to maintain a range of motion and also increases your flexibility. But it is most of the overlooked and ignored as the results are not visible. Fitness athletes consider it as a crime if they skip post workout stretching.

2. Skip meal:

While working out you have used all your energy, so to replenish that you need food. It is important to consume food within 30 minutes after your workout. If you don’t eat post work out, the body will start using your own muscles. You will also feel weak and foggy all day long. Food contains electrolytes, minerals and vitamins which is needed by the body post workout.

3. Don’t clean your space at the gym:

When you use weights at the gym, it’s your moral responsibility to place them at the right place, someone can trip because of your carelessness and can get injured. Use towels to clean the exercise stations or any equipment’s you have used. It’s very unhygienic. One should have some civic sense and be considerate.

4. Don’t hydrate properly post workout:

Balance the body fluid.  It is the most fundamental ways to boost recovery post your workout. We sweat while we workout, this reduces the water level in the body. Water is a magic drink. Dehydration can also lead to muscle cramps. Therefore, water is required to repair muscles, aids in digestion and decreases the fatigue level.  Our muscles are 75% water and not drinking it post workout is like torturing your body.

Post workout

5. Eat an unhealthy meal post workout:

After the workout, one should eat essential nutrients for the body to repair and function properly. But when we eat unhealthy food our body becomes nutrient deficient and loses on important minerals and vitamins. Junk food is merely taste. They are very low in protein, poor in fiber and very high in fat and carbohydrate.

Post workout

6. Drink alcohol:

When we train our body we need a lot of water for hydration. Alcohol will dehydrate our body more and will load up empty calories. It affects your workout performance, it can also lead to high blood pressure, liver disease and stroke. Alcohol also prevents your body from getting the benefits of your exercise. All extra calories will make it tougher for you to lose weight.

Post workout
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7. Being lazy the rest of the day:

People feel that once they have finished their workout they can be lazy all through the day and spend the entire without any physical activity. Being active all the time is the key to good health. It also burns more calories.

Post workout

8. Overeating: 

Yes, most of us love to eat but exercising doesn’t mean you can overeat and pile on those extra calories. Always be mindful of your eating and don’t over indulge. This can disturb your stomach and make you sluggish the rest of the day.

Post workout
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Just take care of the above mentioned post workout mistakes we make and get incredible results.

Guys, if you have anything to add in the list kindly post a comment.



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