7 eating mistakes we are making during this Lockdown



The lockdown has is unnatural and has disturbed our life to the core. Many of us are working from home and maintaining social distance. We can only move around to buy essentials, otherwise there are restrictions posed on us.  We are forced to eat home cooked food as restaurants, malls and other eating joints are closed. Some of you may have noticed a change in your body size. Let me highlight few basic mistakes we are making while sitting at home:

1.Overeating of Carbohydrate: Excess of carbohydrate can lead to weight gain and obesity. The overload of carbohydrate can increase the blood glucose level. Large serving of dishes like Pasta, White bread, Rice, chips, namkeen etc contains a lot of calories, the excess calorie will increase your weight. Excess of carb also induces unhealthy fat that travel in the blood which raises the chances of heart problems. Keep a track of your daily intake of carbohydrate.

 2. No control on liquid calories: It is also referred to as empty calorie as this can lead to subsequent weight gain. The beverages you consume throughout the day also add up to your calorie count. Cold drink, squash, milk shakes etc. are loading up extra calories in the body and we may not even realize it. I know you are bored and reaching out to the fridge is a source of time pass every now and then, but instead of picking up an aerated drink, it is better to drink water or chaach or coconut water.

 3. Zero fruits: Fruits are very essential for dietary fiber. Fiber is required to control your blood sugar and appetite. This makes you prone to heart disease and obesity. Fruits are delicious and full of nutrition. They keep you fit, healthy and fights off many ailments. Fruits contain antioxidants that improves your immunity and keep your skin glowing. The next time you wanna grab the chips packet replace it with a whole fruit.

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 4. Mindless eating: Working from home can actually be very tiring and lying on the couch can make us very lethargic. Therefore, to break the monotony we tend to eat too much throughout the day. Snacking is important but mindless eating will lead to weight gain. Binge eating is injurious to your body shape and size.

 5. Over-intake of sugar products: Sugar doesn’t do any good to your body but excess of sugar can give a protruding belly and fat accumulation in your body. It is very convenient to grab a cookie or a cake or a chocolate but to remove that fat from the body is very difficult. Control your tongue before our weight gets out of control.

 6. Indulging in deep-fried oily goods: Amidst this lockdown social media is flooded with pictures of the food items people are cooking at home. Every meal has become a luxury. Items like aloo bonda, pakoda, kachori, jalebi tastes amazing but should be saved for special occasions. Control yourself before it gets too late, because finding a new pair of cloth can be a problem due to the lockdown.

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 7. Not drinking enough water: Staying hydrated is very essential for your body. Since we are not sweating much during this lockdown because of restricted moment, many of us tend to skip water. Avoiding water can also lead to binge eating. Water replaces empty calories and suppress your hunger as well which makes you eat less. It also peps up your metabolism rate which reduces your weight.

By Poonam

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