Dreams – 9 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreams are an essential part of your sleep. Several pieces of research that say they comprise of the thoughts and emotions you have in your mind throughout the day. Some of the dreams wake you up with sweat or a scream struggling to tremor yourself into mindfulness. Many people believe, they unfold unconscious wishes, aspirations, and weaklings. We all dream from falling to being late for an exam to sexual activities. They can be bizarre, funny, and perplexing. Some dreams you remember and some you completely forget. Every dream of yours, says something about you, which you may not have known. But, do they have a profound significance? People often see an undesirable event and not a desirable one.

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Do you often see similar kinds of dreams? Although you are not sure, what they are trying to tell you, but there are similar kinds of dreams which you often see. Ask any close one about it, they will tell you the same about seeing similar dreams. Though, it varies from one individual to another, what they see. Here are some common dreams and their meanings.

1.Giving an exam:

Exam times always make us jittery. The memories take us back to our college or school time. Giving an exam is a stressful phase. So, when we often see this dream of giving an exam or getting worried about the exam in our dream, it indicates self-doubt. This dream also points out an underlying fear of disappointment, hopelessness, and unhappiness in your current profession.

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2. Falling:

Most people see this dream of falling. This kind of dream is a caution from your subliminal. It indicates fear and insecurities in your life, which are deep down troubling you. People who are distressed or stuck in life due to jobs or relations see this dream frequently.

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3. Getting late:

Getting late for an exam or a wedding or a party is a common dream. This dream implies a fear of losing an opportunity in your subconscious mind or worried about life that everyone is running ahead of you and you are lacking.

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4. Death:

It is another common dream which most of you see. When you see someone dying in the dream whether it’s the death of your close ones or a stranger, it is very upsetting. But, it doesn’t indicate that something wrong is about to happen. This means, that there are areas that need some sort of change or transformation. Dream of death means you are holding on to something and it’s high time you should let go.

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5. Being naked in a public place:

This dream shows your helplessness, concern, and maybe embarrassment. You often see this dream, when you are hiding something and you are worried about people’s response if it will be revealed.

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6. Unable to find a toilet:

If there is an urge to pee in reality, you will see this dream. The brain is trying to tell you, that before you wet the bed sheet, you better go to a toilet. But, if you still see this dream, it means that you are frustrated about something in life. You feel powerless and helpless about several issues, as you can’t deal with them.

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7. Flying:

This is amongst the most common dreams people see. Life is full of strange experiences. Flying in dreams indicates there is a situation, that has gone overboard and you want to escape it.

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8. Celebrities:

When you see the same celebrity over and over again, it means you are obsessed with that person. But in general if you see famous people in your dream, it means you want to be recognized for your talent on a public platform. There are unfulfilled desires, which are hidden beneath, so you want to achieve them. You want recognition in your real life.

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9. Someone chasing:

This dream of being chased indicates there is something either a person or an issue which your are avoiding. Some problems need to be resolved and require your attention.

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