Destination wedding vs. Normal wedding

Planning a wedding comes with a lot of excitement and millions of decisions to be taken. Everyone wants it to be the best. Some prefer typical traditional wedding and other prefer the latest trend which is Destination wedding. First let’s talk about what is the difference between them and later we will throw light on the benefits and drawbacks of the same.

Destination wedding has become quite popular, in this bride and the groom invites their family and friends to an exotic destination and shares the vows. It is more like a mini vacation and filled with lot of excitement. Destination wedding can be an amazing adventure. Now, lot of hotel has started offering lucrative wedding packages which can help you ease out on expenses.

Normal wedding / Traditional weddings reflects the culture, the tradition of the bride and the groom. There are unique rituals, traditional food and colorful attire everywhere. In this celebration happens locally (at home) or where ever the either of the couple resides.


Let us talk about some pros and cons of destination and normal wedding:



  1. It is one of the best wedding experiences.
  2. It is more like a mini vacation and the people you have invited will talk about it for years.
  3. One can invite only limited guests to the wedding. People who are really close to your heart will be part of your wedding celebration.
  4. There will be undivided attention of the guests as they don’t have to leave for work or other places so they will be available to enjoy all the functions.
  5. You can decide the venue as per your liking and also design it the way you want. It gives more personal touch.
  6. If it is a location where you haven’t visited before later you can stay there for your honeymoon also.
  7. The bride and the groom’s family stay together for a while and get to know each other in a better manner. This can bring the family close.
  8. The on-site wedding coordinator provides the complete wedding package; there are many complimentary services like free spa for guests or one day travel tour which a coordinator can organize.
  9. You can skip to invite the people you don’t like or want to avoid.
  10. It is very relaxing.
  11. No family drama or baggage.


  1. It requires a lot of preparations and is full of hurdles. Always check for the marriage license in that location even if you have a wedding coordinator.
  2. You are busier in attending the guests as they have specially come to attend your wedding so it is you duty to keep the occupied and entertained.
  3. As you invite limited people to your wedding, therefore, you have to do an additional function back home which increases your expense.
  4. As the distance is quite long, therefore not every detail happens the way you wanted.
  5. The cost is so high that you can’t invite and everyone and the guest list gets limited.
  6. It does reduce the number of gifts you are going to receive on your wedding.
  7. The travel really becomes an expense for the guests. Some guests may not be able to attend because of leave issue or travelling expense.
  8. People you haven’t invited take it as an offence.



  1. As the set up is local everything is within reach.
  2. Dealing with local vendors also gets easier.
  3. More people can come to your wedding and can have fun.
  4. You receive more gifts or cash from the guests.
  5. It is more classic and beautiful.
  6. As more and more guests come to the wedding, therefore, it builds the relation.
  7. In normal set up you get more time to plan.
  8. It brings you more close to your ancestors and tradition.
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  1. This gets very tedious as you have to invite 500 to 1000 people individually.
  2. It is a very costly affair.
  3. Making arrangements for engagement, ghodewala, mehendiwala, pundit, dancers etc is a very hectic task.
  4. There can be a lot of transport and accommodation cost for the vendors.
  5. As there is a lot of gathering it gets difficult quality time with every guest.
  6. People often come very late for the functions because of traffic, work or any other reason.
  7. It is very stressful.
  8. More people in the wedding means, the more naggers in the crowd whole will either have a problem with food or other arrangements.
  9. If the invites are more then you have to book a bigger place or else it will become over crowded and congested.
  10. Since parents are putting most of the money, it will be their decisions in most of the things.

India has a lot of unforgettable destinations, below is a list of Top 8 wedding destination in India. Let’s have a look:

1. Udaipur

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2. Goa

3. Jaipur

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4. Kerala

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5. Andaman and Nicobar

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6. Jodhpur

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7. Agra

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8. Shimla

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My heart always beats for destination wedding but ultimately it is up-to the bride and the groom to decide where and how they want to spend their money. Be it any way just enjoy your wedding, plan better, spend wisely and have fun.

Stay happy

Stay blessed

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