Delhi’s COVID 19 rules – You can now travel without a mask in private cars

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While COVID 19 is unnoticeable to the naked eye, people wearing face masks in public are visual evidence of the pandemic.

As the COVID 19 outbreak declines in the city, people will no longer be forced to wear masks in private vehicles starting Monday, as per the health department. People who are caught not wearing a mask in public places will be fined Rs. 500 instead of Rs. 2,000, according to officials. On Saturday, the order was issued based on the choices made during the DDMA meeting on Friday.

Covid 19
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Ban Lifted

On Saturday, the DDMA announced that 19 restrictions, including a night curfew, standing passenger restrictions on public transportation, and a 50% seating cap in pubs and restaurants, will be lifted on Monday.

The Delhi health department said in its decision that, while face coverings will remain essential in public areas, those riding in private four-wheelers will not be required to wear masks. The Delhi administration announced earlier this month that people travelling alone in four-wheelers do not need to wear masks. After the Delhi High Court questioned the government’s order mandating the wearing of masks inside cars, this order was issued.

The Covid 19 ruling was deemed unreasonable by the court, and the DDMA was ordered to review the rules it had issued with respect to the COVID 19 guidelines.

The directive, which was issued on Saturday, also confirms the DDMA’s plan to abolish all COVID 19 related limitations in the national capital starting on Monday. The ruling further stipulates that schools should use a blended or hybrid form of learning for children up to class 9 and class 11 until March 31, after which sessions will be fully offline.

Covid 19
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Mask should be worn in confined places

The mandate stipulates that a mask must be worn at all times, as well as maintaining social distance, hand cleanliness, and ventilation in confined places.

It also instructs all District Magistrates, DCPs, and other relevant authorities to concentrate on “key areas of action,” such as screening, monitoring, surveillance, clinical management, immunization, and rigorous compliance with COVID 19 appropriate behavior.

Most people have queried the need for masks in cars over the past two years. They argued that if a family can live together without wearing a mask, then ordering them to do so when travelling in a car is ridiculous. When a man and his wife were stopped and fined for not wearing masks in central Delhi in 2020, they fought with police. Following that, the two were detained for misbehaving with the cops.

The Delhi government has lifted the COVID 19 restrictions. Here’s the full list:

  • The fine for not wearing a mask has been slashed from 2,000 to 500 rupees by the city officials.
  • Passengers will be able to travel on the metro without any limitations, which means they will be able to travel standing or sitting.
  • All metro station gates will stay open during the day to ease passenger entry. As of Monday, passenger entry through a limited number of gates is no longer regulated.
  • As of Monday, Feb. 28, the Delhi government has lifted the ban on weddings and funerals involving more than 200 people.
  • Reopening of religious institutions, sports complexes, and swimming pools is permitted.
  • If passengers travelling together in personal cars in Delhi were found without masks, there would be no fine. People travelling together in cabs and taxis, which are public transportation vehicles, will not be eligible for the relaxation. The rule will not apply to passengers in government cars.

A Delhi government official noted, “If a family travels on a commercial four-wheeler together, they should wear masks.”

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