Delhi Metro Girl – DMRC’s response to the Bikini Incident

delhi metro girl
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An image of a girl wearing Uorfi Javed-inspired attire while riding the Delhi Metro goes viral. Social media users are debating whether public nudity qualifies as fashionable in response to the “Delhi Metro Girl”.

On social media, a photo of the woman with a backpack on her lap sitting among commuters is going viral. She can be seen wearing a bra and a small skirt. Many people referred to her as the “Delhi metro girl” and made comments about her clothing.

Some people say fashion is a matter of personal choice; thus, everyone is allowed to dress however they like. Yet, it is important to dress appropriately while taking the surroundings or occasion into consideration. A girl wearing a little skirt and a bra can be seen in the Delhi metro in a short video.

After riding public transportation in the NCR while wearing a “bikini,” bras, and miniskirts, Rhythm Chanana gained fame as the Delhi Metro girl. The 19-year-old Punjabi actor and model had been travelling in this manner for months before someone decided to film and share her video.

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What is DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) take on the Delhi Metro Girl incident

The DMRC finally spoke out following a recent incident in which a female was seen riding the metro in Delhi while wearing a bikini. However, they said that while it does want its users to behave in a manner acceptable in society, the choice of clothing is just a matter of taste.

Metro commuters should refrain from engaging in any activities or dressing in a manner that would insult other passengers. Anuj Dayal, the DMRC’s principal executive director of corporate communications, stated this.

The warning continued by stating that the DMRC Operations and Maintenance Act specifically lists obscenity as a felony.

The girl’s attire has generated a lot of debate.

The girl’s attire has drawn a lot of criticism, and a video of it has gone viral on social media. On Twitter, a number of people called the incident “cultural genocide.”

Some were rather outspoken and forthright about how “shocking” and “indecent” the apparel was for travelling in a public transit system like the Delhi Metro, while several compared her fashion sense to Urfi Javed’s eccentric style of clothes.

Several people linked this event involving the bikini to another one where a man was detained by the Delhi Police for travelling in his undergarments.

Some claim that the Delhi Metro Girl violated every nudity prohibition, whereas the police charged this man with nudity. Is there gender parity?

delhi metro girl
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