Dahaad, An Amazon web series—is it worth watching?

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With “Dahaad,” an Amazon Prime web series, Bollywood actor Sonakshi Sinha made her big-screen OTT debut. Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti are the creators of the eight-part series, which is made by Tiger Baby and Excel Media.

What is it all about?

The show is based on a serial killer who is on the loose in a small village in Rajasthan. The cops are working hard to catch him. Numerous topics, including caste prejudice, gender discrimination, incidences of women going missing without a trace, threats of honor killings, a pestering mother eager to find her daughter a suitable boy, and a cunning, experienced serial murderer who leaves no traces, have been addressed in the story of Dahaad.

Dahaad on Prime Video does not tell the tale of Rajasthan. It recounts the events in the nation, where blatant alarmism and politically motivated fearmongering compete for the public’s attention with complex and serious atrocities against women.

About the Dahaad Web Series:

Sub-inspector Anjali Bhaati (Sonakshi Sinha) runs across an intriguing case in which women have been missing in a small town in Rajasthan without a trace, but no one seems to be alarmed. When Bhaati notices a pattern in all the cases, her interpretation of the case shifts from one of mysterious disappearances to one of a serial killer’s big plan.

The killer only targets women, making their murders appear to be suicides. Women’s dead bodies have been found in public restrooms. Anand is the murderer, as the viewer is aware from the start. The fun part is figuring out how to arrest him.

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What works best for the series?

The writing is outstanding since it is logical and efficient. Here, serious societal issues like those affecting police officers’ families are addressed. The family drama has a good connection to the crimes that are occurring. Each and every narrative is related effectively, so a viewer never feels disoriented by various plot.

With Dahaad, Sonakshi Sinha makes a thunderous OTT debut. In her role as a cop, she is brash and fierce, and her screen presence is electric. The actress provided a fantastic portrayal of a woman who has overcome many obstacles in her job to advance significantly.

In his performance as Anand, Vijay Varma absolutely shines. The show wouldn’t have been captivating without him. Although he has played similar roles in the past, he brings that magic to the act, which makes it gripping. The series gains depth thanks to the outstanding performances of Gulshan Devaiah and Sonum Shah in their respective roles as police officers. The casting is superb. The drama appeals to all audiences because of how the killings are presented in a natural way without being gory.

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What didn’t work?

Dahaad could have been finished in 6 or 7 episodes, but it feels a bit stretched out. Sonakshi Sinha’s love story may have been conveyed more skillfully. The execution isn’t fantastic, even though it’s a crucial plot point.

Anand (Vijay Verma) was sought after, but the hunt for him was drawn out, and the eventual capture of him in the last episode was hurried and unnecessary. The climax severely underwhelms. It seems like a sudden stop. Some people won’t enjoy the love-jihad theme because the topic is very sensitive.

Technical Details

The background score by Tarana Marwah and Gaurav Raina is nice. Particularly eerie is the background music that appears at the beginning of each episode. The series has a gritty tone thanks to the crisp cinematography of Tanay Satam. Rajasthan’s interior is also beautifully captured.

In terms of the series’ direction, Reema Kagti and Ruchika Oberoi did a good job. Their goal was to deliver a thorough police investigation series without any surprises, and they were successful in their endeavor. Furthermore, this crime thriller brilliantly incorporates a few societal issues. These subjects are also discussed naturally, and there is no preaching involved.

Final conclusion

An introspective internet series called Dahaad has all the elements required to compel viewers to think about cultural stigma in the country. The A-list cast of the series also puts up excellent performances. The series narrative contains everything you can relate to. There are also small pieces of reality and thin fabrication.

Additionally, Dahaad delivers some realities that could be a little challenging to comprehend. Being a female police officer at an all-male police station is challenging enough without needing to stand out. All things considered, Dahaad is a delight for anyone who likes police procedurals.

Overall, Dahaad is a watchable crime mystery show with outstanding acting. There are some excellent moments and an intriguing plot. The best thing is that it also addresses a few important social issues, while maintaining a strong focus on the police investigation angle. The rushed climax and the show’s excessive duration prevented it from being 10 out of 10. You should give this series a try if you enjoy watching crime dramas.

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