Cycling – 7 Important Reasons Why it is Good for Health?


Cycling is the cheapest form of workout one can do to fit into their favorite clothes if you are trying to shed those extra pounds and remain fit. Cycling is an amazing form of exercise and can be easily incorporated into your day to day routine such as going to the market or school or a friend’s place. A combination of a fitness routine and healthy eating habits is essential to for losing weight and reducing the inches around your belly.



Another best thing about cycling is, it’s a low-impact aerobic workout so can be relished by individuals of all ages such older people or children or teenagers. Whether it is to enhance your fitness or commute from one place to another or trying to save some money or to reduce pollution, taking up this form of exercise can turn out to be the greatest decision of your life.  If you are seeking for a little motivation and push or few health benefits to pursue your friends to take up cycling, so that you can go on a ride together, we’ve got you roofed.

Here are few facts related to incredible effects of cycling and why it is important for your mental and physical well-being:

Improves your bowel movement

Cycling is an aerobic exercise which aids in digestion, as it peps up your heart rate, which stirs the tightening of intestinal muscles. Any kind of physical activity ensures the rapid movement of food through the large intestine, restricting the amount of water lost in the body which leads to softer stool.

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Lifts your immune system

Any kind of exercise can cause an alteration in antibodies and WBC – white blood cells, which is very important for your immune system to fight any ailment. Cycling is a moderate form of exercise which reduces inflammation levels in the body, improves your metabolic rate and enhances your immune system.

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Improves your mental health

A regular workout is not just about losing weight; it has a profound effect on the body. It also helps in fighting depression and anxiety. Exercise boosts your brain power and lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease in older people. It reduces stress, helps you in getting a sound sleep, induces memory and fights off insomnia. Bike riding also helps in building new brain cells in the hippocampus, which is a region of the brain that is related to memory.


Good for cardiovascular health

A Cardiovascular workout improves the heart rate, which strengthens your heart muscles, reduces resting pulse, helps in weight loss, decreases your blood pressure and shrinks blood fat levels. Therefore, cycling is also an excellent way for a good cardiovascular health as cardiovascular ailment can lead to stroke or a heart attack.

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Aids in weight loss

I didn’t even want to add this point, because it is so obvious, but the topic “Benefits of cycling” would have been incomplete without it. Cycling burn fat, reduces your belly fat, burns calories and tone your legs, therefore making it the most popular exercise especially post lock down, when gyms are yet to see the light. As you get fitter and toned, the advantages are more deep.

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Helps you look young

A high-intensity cycling improves mitochondrial capacity, which reduces the aging process and avoids other age-related ailments. Bike riding also reverses aging process.


Improves sex life

A man who exercises frequently have a lower chances of erectile issues, it also enhances the testosterone level. A woman who is physically very active have more sexual desires than woman who leads a sedentary life. Cycling also  improves endurance, flexibility and strength.

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