Cycling – 16 Important Reasons Why Cycling is Trending again

India has fallen in love with cycling again and all the credit goes to the pandemic, which has distraught our life to the core. However, there is an expression in French, “há males que vêm para bem” which implies there are bads that come for the good or we often use in English, “A blessing in disguise”. People had gone berserk at home due to coronavirus outbreak and fitness enthusiast were locked out of gymnasiums. But, the health freaks have found an alternative in the form of “Cycling”, which is by far the best form of exercise.

India has never witnessed such a boom in the sale of bicycle in eras.

People are buying cycles like groceries, this craze has led to the shortage of the supply of the bikes. This trend is reflected around the world, car-congested cities like Delhi and Mumbai are using cycles to go their workplace, as public transport remains truncated.


The COVID-19 epidemic has given rise to an unparalleled and an extraordinary bicycle sale in India, as more and more individuals make an attempt to evade public transportation for panic of getting the virus. But the increase could not sustain for a very long time. Still, the cycle has become a mode of transport amidst this global eruption. An active transportation is very essential for our health and the health of our societies.

There are various reasons for the upsurge in cycle boom:

1.Across the globe, it has become an alternative to buses, metros and other transport. Commuters can ride to their work place with ease. It provides a very practical substitute to travel small and moderate distance places.

2. Cycling is a dependable, fresh, ecologically friendly mode of transportation. It is a major element of the green recovery post Covid – 19. It also slashes down on greenhouse gas productions and global climate change.

3. Bike riding also reduces the pollution as it releases no greenhouse gases.

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4. Cycling is a very economical mode of transport.

5. Stuck-in families, people were jumbled to find a way to keep their children active during remain-at-home guidelines, cycling has helped them in eliminating the boredom.

6. A cycle is the best way to have a personal means of transportation and maintain social distancing.

7. Bikes shrink the necessity to make, service and discard vehicles. Bicycle riding also protects road and housing space, thereby providing chances for less tangible and more plant life expectancy in the city.

8. It reduces the requirement for new parking areas and roadways.

9. A car or a bike leads to a lot more wear and tear on roads in comparison to cycling.

10. The more people will cycle on the road the more they will remain safe from diseases like obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. It is very beneficial in averting or managing a disease. Cycling induces your cardiovascular health.

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11. Another important factor is it reduces your general health care expense.

12. Cycling helps in weight loss. A person who cycles have a lower BMI than the one who uses motor vehicles for commuting. It also builds muscles and aids in losing additional calories. People burn calorie at rest, if they have more muscles.

13. Riding a bike is fun, it uplifts your mood. It releases happy hormones in the body.

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14. Consistent riding aids in coordinating your circadian rhythm and can assist in reducing stress hormones, which, if not controlled can cause sleep issues. Riding a bike also helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

15. With a ridiculous amount of screen time, being glued to your laptop or mobile, watching endless of series, gaming sessions; cycling is a new change in your daily life pattern post lockdown.

16. Cycling enhances imaginative skills. The steady, unvarying movement of riding has a soothing effect on the brain, comforting both physical and psychological purposes.


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