Covid 19 – Don’t Do these 8 Things to avoid Coronavirus

Covid 19

The pandemic outbreak Covid 19 has disseminated our regular schedule and our lives have been deracinated. In the age of Covid 19, the things we would commonly do, are now considered as hazardous and needs to be flung out of the window. There is no treatment of the deadly disease, therefore, the stress of getting exposed to the infection remains in our mind throughout. But few habits or things we would often do needs to be eradicated immediately, as they are doing us more harm by putting us at risk for Covid 19.

1. Picking your nose

It is one of the most common habit we are embarrassed by. Sometimes people don’t even realize they were picking their nose. An appalling number of germs live on the objects we touch like grocery bags, elevator button, ATM machines etc. and also on our own human body, which could easily spread the infection in no time. When a person inserts the finger in the nose, the germs go inside your body und through your nose Covid 19 can affect your lungs.

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2. Not disinfecting your phone

We touch our phone infinite times throughout the day. Our hand keeps moving here and there touching random objects and surfaces. The germs on hand, starts to creep on our phone. Therefore, it is essential to clean or sanitize your phone frequently using disinfecting wipes or isopropyl alcohol & water solution.

Covid 19
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3. Not cleaning your keyboard

A keyboard is often being overlooked and if you are a frequent user of your laptop of computer at home or office or any other public place, disinfect it before using. Keyboards are very dirty, often filthier than the toilet commode. Therefore, take a minute to wipe the grime.

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4. Touching your face or rubbing your eyes

In the current scenario, when the world is trying to figure out the treatment for the deadly infection. It is the time to take extra precaution in taking care of your health, therefore avoid touching your phone or rubbing your eyes at any cost. Your hands may have contacted various objects or surfaces that had contained droplets of the virus, this is a prime way of spreading the Covid 19. Stay away from this habit.

5. Putting your feet on the sofa or a chair

It is essential to take off your shoes as soon as you enter inside the house. Whenever we go outside, there are chances we have stepped on someone’s chewing gum, food particles or spit, they can be a probable carrier of Covid 19. Therefore, if we put our feet without removing the shoe on the chair or table or a sofa, we are inviting trouble, as this can circulate the microbes to the material because the next touch goes to the T zone on the face. Like this, the infection enters inside our body.

Covid 19

6. Chatting very closely

Social distancing norms are tough for some people as they are in a habit of talking very closely. As per World Health Organization guidelines, maintaining a distance of minimum 6 feet or 2 meters is very important as the virus is spread via droplets of an infected person’s sneeze or cough. So, if you are in a habit of schmoozing closely, the chances of getting the virus are more.

Covid 19

7. Sharing hand towels

We clean ourselves after taking a shower using individual towels, but there is one common hand towel hanging near the mirror which is commonly used by everyone in the family and is completely ignored. Experts suggest washing your hand towel frequently is part of good hygiene, another thing is don’t share hand towels with anyone, rather use a tissue paper and throw it in the bin.

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8. Biting your nails

This habit can induce your chances of contracting coronavirus. Microbes, germs, filth, and debris” can accumulate under the nails, and later if you bite nails, they get transported to your mouth. The specialist says, anything which goes inside your body, is the easiest way one can get infected by the virus, biting nails can be harmful.

Covid 19
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