Covid 19 Vaccinations – Can a Vaccinated Person Get Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus is an unprecedented pandemic, which is grave and life threatening. No one knows how the virus enters the body. The worst part is the virus is contagious. Covid 19 vaccinations seems to be the safest way to protect yourself from the deadly virus. As per research, a person who is vaccinated if contracts the virus, the impact will be less in this case. Many people are avoiding getting vaccinated, thinking it may not be effective or not required.  But, all vaccines have to go through clinical trials to see if they are safe and beneficial, which includes coronavirus vaccine also.

Covid 19 vaccinations
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The Covid 19 vaccine is very efficacious at preventing from getting seriously ill with coronavirus. As per the CDC, the vaccinated people should also wear masks, avoiding crowded places wash their hand frequently and maintain social distancing when moving out of the home. Health experts are still working out, whether a vaccinated person will spread the virus to others or not. But, the covid 19 vaccinations will lower the risk factor of getting the infection. Covid 19 vaccinations seem to be the only hope for getting rid of this virus, including fighting against the new variants.

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 Here are some benefits of Covid 19 vaccinations:

  • The vaccine protects you from getting severely sick or dying in worst situation.
  • It reduces the risk of hospitalization, therefore less burden on health providers.
  • It provides you natural immunity.
  • The Covid 19 vaccine creates antibodies to fight off infection.
  • The vaccine reduces the chances of spreading as their viral load is lesser than the people who are not vaccinated.
  • As per health experts, the vaccine also reduces the chances of spreading the virus, if more and more people will be vaccinated.

Although, few people have complaint about getting fever and body aches immediately after being vaccinated, but it’s the same as side-effects of other vaccines.

Covid 19 Vaccinations
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Why vaccinated people are still getting infected by Coronavirus?

There are several incidents where people who have got 2 shots of the vaccine are still getting infected by the virus, if they are exposed to it. It is also referred to as Vaccine breakthrough cases. The vaccine usually takes 2 weeks to build antibodies against the virus, therefore a person may fall sick in between this period.

As per, Professor Puri, PGIMER, Punjab, the vaccine doesn’t give any assurance, that it will protect your body from the virus 100%. He says unless the person has got the two jabs of the vaccine and have proper break of 2 months between both the 2 shots, he can still be infected. Therefore, one needs to take proper precaution in between, this phase until the person is completely immunized. They will get more immunity after the second jab only after 15 days, but, that will also differ from 80 to 90%. Although, the impact will be mild, but the chances are still there.

CDC is also observing the Covid 19 vaccine development cases structure. Their main aim is to detect any infrequent patterns which include sex or age or any underlying health condition such heart problem, blood pressure, diabetes etc. But nothing has been spotted as yet.

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