Covid 19 Outbreak has Alter Marriage and Honeymoon Plans

Covid 19

2020, no one ever imagined, will throw their innumerable plans into a plunge. The austerity of the Coronavirus eruption has cancelled marriages and honeymoon all across the world. The number of cases of Covid 19 is increasing day by day, which has led to the postponement and cancellation of leisure trips and honeymooners are plummeting their favored travel destination from their list.

covid 19

The graveness of the pandemic has taken a sharp turn and has rotated the world upside down, as nobody expected that an event for which most of us wait for such as honeymoon had to be deferred or adjourned entirely. The current unparalleled, strange and indefinite situation has put the wedding plans in the soup, as people will get more susceptible to the risk of the deadly virus. The betrothed couple unwillingly called off their weddings and dream honeymoon due to copious government limitations and chaotically introduced travel limits.

Couples who are still entering a wedlock, will miss out on the most glorious part of any nuptial which is the honeymoon. Love will also have to hold for a while – but nothing comes ahead of the safety and well-being of your family.

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Better to shift your Honeymoon and Travel plan till epidemic eradicates

Although you can choose to plan when the travel constraints are lifted as many airlines are not charging fees for the cancellation. But it is advisable to travel once the Covid 19 vaccinations are ready. Understand one thing, the ban is lifted, but coronavirus is still causing a lot of commotion.  If you get infected while on honeymoon, your loved ones can also get exposed to the virus. Better to be safe than sorry.

covid 19

You can create a honeymoon environment at home

Once you decide to defer your honeymoon due to the virus, you can create your own honeymoon atmosphere at home. Try and decorate your home with a lot of bright colors around like changing bed sheets or lighting up with candles or put some chocolates in the room, turn on some romantic music. Don’t forget to get rid of your mobile phone, laptop, television, alarm clock. The point is make a cozy surrounding at home.

Rent an Airbnb

A local Airbnb can be rented out, if you want an intimate experience and an escape from the routine life or want to make your D day, the most memorable day of your life. Many people are not comfortable with the thought of spending their first night at home. Airbnb can provide you a wonderful honeymoon experience.

Book a Hotel in your City

Booking a hotel is another option, one can explore, a honeymoon experience can be uplifted and enriched with this staycation option. A hotel is well equipped with all the amenities, comfort and luxury for your special day. This absolutely relaxing time will bring you both together and will also make your honeymoon one of a kind. Due to Covid 19, the hotels have to take care of the sanitization, hygiene and elevate its cleanliness standards.

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading and has affected more than one lakh people all across the world. Dreading this infection, many functions like engagements, marriages are being shelved. There is a huge economic loss incurred due to cancellation of such events. But still, if you have chosen to get married amidst this pandemic condition, one can take advantage of the above mentioned options to have an unforgettable and peaceful honeymoon time, without any mental pressure of getting infected, as there is no time frame when the situation will get back to normal.

The betrothed couple unwillingly called off their weddings and dream honeymoon due to copious government limitations and chaotically introduced travel limits

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