Coronavirus Again – Can you get the Second infection?

coronavirus again
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I recently recovered from Covid 19 and the thought, that I may get coronavirus again scares me deep down. Coronavirus is a contagious virus, that has spread like fire in a jungle. The entire world is fighting against the virus by following measures such as a lockdown, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. The only way out to prevent yourself from the deadly virus is by getting immunity against it. The latest occurrence of the new variant is more precarious and transmissible. People who were diseased by Covid 19 last year are getting infected by coronavirus again.


coronavirus again
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As per health experts, reinfection is a very scarce event, but the second wave has reported several repeat cases of Covid 19, worldwide. The medical experts in India, have reported repeat cases of the infection, but with no symptoms of Covid 19. There were reports from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore regarding recurrence of coronavirus. The first verified case of re-infection happened in Hong kong, where a 33-year-old man got infected by coronavirus again, but he was asymptomatic. The Genome Sequencing had proven, that both the virus strains were not the same. This case was a classic example, showing that the antibodies protect the body against the virus from a second infection.

So, what is Coronavirus reinfection?

It means, that a person was already diseased once and after the recovery, he got the coronavirus again. A shred of early evidence proposes, that usually after getting recovered from the coronavirus, the body produces antibodies within 10 to 15 days of the infection. But in a few cases, the body doesn’t make antibodies after infection and the antibody test comes negative. Another probability could be the antibodies are for a very short period and vanishes and lets the infection enter the system. In both cases, the person gets vulnerable and can get infected by coronavirus again.

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Is the second infection common?

As per CDC, there are cases of the second infection but are rare or uncommon. Therefore, it doesn’t mean you are protected from getting the infection again.  Since it’s a novel virus, things keep changing, this uncommon status can change too.

It is too early to assume, that since you were infected by coronavirus once, you are protected. There are still chances of a second infection, you may be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, but you can still be a carrier.

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Do antibodies protect against Covid 19?

When a person is infected by Covid 19, after the recovery the body produces antibodies. Therefore, the antibodies prevent you from Covid-19, but may not protect you from getting the coronavirus again and shelters the virus in your body. This implies, that an already infected person if gets Covid again, can still spread the infection to others who never got coronavirus before or are not sheltered from the virus. Reports are stating, that people who are re-infected by the virus again are either asymptomatic or have a mild infection.

As per WHO – World Health Organization, that there is no proof that individuals who have got recuperated from Coronavirus and have immunity, are prevented from re-infection. In simple words, an antibody doesn’t assure immunity.

coronavirus again
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What are the signs of a second infection?

It varies from person to person, the first textbook example from Hongkong was asymptomatic when he got the second infection, but during his first infection, he suffered from fever, cold and cough, and headache. Whereas in the US, a 25-year-old man was severely ill after getting the coronavirus again, he had pneumonia and difficulty in breathing. Whereas during his first infection, he experienced mild symptoms.

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How to protect yourself from the second infection?

The foremost thing is to avoid being casual as you are still susceptible to the infection. Follow all the measures like before such as practicing good hygiene, wearing a mask (double mask if possible), maintaining social distancing, and avoid going out in public places. Coronavirus is a new virus, so it is difficult to say as of now, how the immunity will work after the person recuperates from the disease.

coronavirus again

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