Child Adoption – 8 Important Reasons to Consider Before Adopting a Child?

People these days are more open towards child adoption in India and abroad as well. The reason could also be infertility or to help a child left alone by their birth parents. It was considered a taboo earlier but now the society as accepted it with open arms and people can freely talk about it. Previously people use to think that adoption happens only in the case when the parents are unable to have a child but now mindset has changed even singles also go for adoption


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Adoption is a very emotional experience and can be very complex at times. Adapting with the new surrounding is very difficult for a child to deal with. The process of adopting a child is also difficult and tiring. The most important thing is both the partner needs to be on the same page for adoption.

Before child adoption, a couple should ask following questions to themselves:

1.Ask yourself why you want to go for child adoption?

While you can celebrate parenthood, you can still feel heavy deep down because of the unforeseen circumstances. So just be clear on this front and don’t do anything out of pressure or in a rush.


child adoption
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2. Another important aspect to consider is do you have time for the child?

Adoption process is a long process you need time as well patience for the same. If you are working parents do you a have backup support system when you are on job? Do you spend long hours at work? If you already have a child, you will have to take out extra essure or in a rush essure or in a rush.time to manage both the kids, can you deal with that?


3. Are you ready to take the responsibility?

It’s a lifelong commitment becoming a parent; there will be a lot of changes like raising a child will need major lifestyle changes and adjustment on your part. Are you ready to devote to the child?

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4. Can you afford the cost involved in upbringing a child like taking care of the school fees, clothes, toys and other expenses? Are you financially sound?

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5. Are you in a stable marriage or its turbulent?

A child needs to feel safe, secure and loved in the new atmosphere. If you are adopting a child because you are in a bad relationship with your spouse, adoption may not be a good idea.

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6. If you already have a child and want to adopt a second one, will your first child be ready for the same?

One has to be extra cautious in such a scenario not to neglect the first child as this can bring a distance between both the children and also the relationship of the child with the parents can suffer too. Although it is the same as upbringing a child you have given birth to. There is no difference.

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7. The child who has come from a different background needs lot of comfort and love for him to adopt in a new environment.

We don’t know from what kind of circumstances he/she has come so we as an individual need to be more compassionate and empathetic.

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Now let’s talk about the requirements for child adoption:

  1. Age has to be 21 year old or above for both the partners.
  2. The parents have to be mentally, physically and financially stable.
  3. The parents should not have any critical medical condition.
  4. The consent of both partners is required and should have 2 yrs of stable marital relationship. 
  5.  A single female can adopt a child of any gender whereas a single male is not eligible to adopt a girl child. 
  6. One should contact an authentic agency for the same.

Adopting a child is a very beautiful thing as you are giving a new life to someone who deserves to be loved and cared. You are also adding colors to someone’s life. Just GO FOR IT.


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